#AskAwayFriday W/Sarah from The Lomholt Family

This week I get to connect and get to know Sarah from The Lomholt Family.  I was so grateful to her for coming to my #AskAwayFriday rescue at the last moment and even taking me on as a 2nd swap buddy!  You Rock Sarah!


Wait…not only does Sarah rock as a person but her Blog has a bit of Rockstar status to it as well.  Sarah writes about her life as being the wife of a hardworking husband and Mom to 2 absolutely adorable little girls.  Somehow she also finds the time to run a Tutu Business BabyBear Tutus as well and let me just say: “They Are Precious!” and she even offers Adult Sizes! Wanna see?


Cool right?!?!  So don’t forget click those links or the pics and go check out Sarah and her awesome work!
Now to the matter at hand, Sarah’s questions for little ol’ me!
1.  Ok I love your blog, I’m fangirling over here because it is just so awesome.  I want a big ole family.  How is life with 6 kids?
Thanks Bunches!  I’m completely and totally flattered! Hmmm…life with any Kiddies can be hectic but life with 6 can be ‘breathtaking’ at times…LOL  There are actually only 4 of the 6 at home right now.  
The oldest is in college and the youngest of the Teenagers lives with his mom and comes home summers and Holidays.  The Holidays tend to be when we have all 6 with us and it is actually tons of fun.  I love seeing them interact, play and simply learn each others personalities.  Hubby came from a big family (he’s one of 14) and me being raised as an only child I love being surrounded by family.
When it is just the 4 Kiddies it is still hectic with their school, activity schedules and simply keeping up with their questions: How many moms know having a 2, 4 and 6 year old in one home is like being in a live game of Jeopardy?  🙂
2.  I’m so jealous you live in North Carolina, I would love to live there.  What is your favorite southern meal?
I must admit I love it down here.  I’m a New Yorker in personality but I’m a Southerner at heart.  Now as for my favorite Southern meal I actually ate it all the time before even moving here since my family was originally from down south anyway but it is considered southern so I guess it still counts.  Ready?  I absolutely love myself some Cheese Grits!  Yup!  I add a bit of a twist and crumble a bit of maple sausage bits in with them and even my scrambled eggs.  Hubby calls it my Grit Bowl…it will fill ya up and leave you wanting more all at the same time!  🙂
3.  Do you like clowns?
Not sure.  I don’t not like clowns but I wouldn’t say I like them either.  I can take them or leave them.  If you mean am I scared of them, No.  They make me laugh (when their funny) and once I leave I’m good until the next time I see one.  LOL
4. If you could bankrupt one person or company who would it be?
Wow.  Great question but I’m not sure I would actually bankrupt anyone.  I know there are companies and even people out there who aren’t what I would classify as good yet I don’t feel it is my place to make final judgments on anyone.
After all, I am looking in from the outside.  I know nothing of what made them that way or what got them to the place they are.  Only God does.  For that reason, no matter what my opinion of a person or company I leave all final judgement calls up to Him.  I don’t want to hold anyone’s fate in my hands.  Financial or otherwise.  I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to look at me and make a call like that so why should I?
5.  Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon?
No.  I have always loved to see a bunch of them floating up there so high and peaceful together and even solo but I’m not sure I would ever be able to do it myself.  I am really scared of extreme heights.  I’ll never say never though 😉
6.  What was the last piece of clothing you purchased?
Hmmm…..I don’t buy for myself very often.  I think it was a t-shirt for my Girl Scout Troop.  LOL
7.  Have you ever cried at a film?
 I always come really close but I never wanna be ‘that chick’…LOL  I know silly but I have never full on cried, tears down my face.  I may let one slip but then I swipe it and I’m done. LOL
8.  What was your favorite school subject?
I LOVED (and still do) English and Literature.  I’m a true Nerd Girl at Heart and I love all things wordy.  I love how you can take the same set of words and rearrange them and create an entirely new meaning, scenario, feeling or emotion in the reader.
9.  Do you collect anything?
I was getting ready to say no but I need to take that back.  I love Love LOVE wallets and purses.  So, I would say I collect them.  I have so many wallets in different styles, designs, colors, shapes and sizes (here are just a few).  Hubby thinks I’m nuts but I just love them and well if you have a wallet ya gotta have something to put it right?  LOL  I actually just bought one today….with a purse to match!
photo (2)
10.  Do you have popcorn with a movie?
Always.  From Hubby, Me to all my Kiddies…you put on a movie we put in the popcorn.  We love it.  I have it stocked up in my garage.  I mean seriously…what’s a movie without popcorn?
Did you have fun getting to know me through Sarah?  Don’t forget to head over to Penny’s at The Real Housewife of Caroline County and see who else you can get to know this week through #AskAwayFriday!
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23 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday W/Sarah from The Lomholt Family

  • thechicsahm

    Love Love Love your answer to number 4!!!!!!!!!! I'm from Charlotte, NC and I miss the Carolinas. It's so nice there this time of year. Popcorn is a big favorite in our house too. Clowns are so weird to me, LOL!!! They are the main reason I am in no rush to take my daughter to the circus. When she asks we'll take her but I def will not be initiating that outing! 😉
    My recent post Ask Away Friday

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! I love the Carolina’s and I’m so glad we picked here to settle.

      I’m gonna feed my popcorn craving today… Movie Time 😉

      We’ve Gina to the circus 2 times so far and luckily they don’t focus on the clowns as much as they did when I was a child. LOL

  • brittneilynn21

    Awesome answers! I loved your answer about bankruptcy. I loved English the most as well. My favorite teacher ever was my English teacher in both 9th and 12 grade. LOL at cheese grits. That is pretty southern huh? I never put cheese in mine though. Sounds like it would be pretty tasty 🙂

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! I had my favorite English teacher all through High School (the loveliness of a small all girl Catholic high school LOL) Yes Cheese & grits is southern to it’s core…and oh so Yummy!

  • Mrs. AOK

    Last night, I thought I was a commenting superstar! I went to the blogs that had already linked-up to #AAF and commented using my phone….
    Now, I see I will NEVER do that again!!!!!

    I've cried at a film… there was this one time where the film took for surprise…. I didn't know the film had sad undertones… I was anxious to laugh… and have my girls with me… for girls day…
    The movie was -> UP.
    The beginning of UP is tough! Thank goodness for 3D glasses!

    • MrsTee Post author

      UP…yes that is a definite ‘get at ya’ movie. I was caught off guard with it too. It’s now one of our favorites but that first time I definitely ‘swiped’ a few drops myself. 🙂

  • Lanaya

    You would die knowing that I think I have two purses … maybe two? I hate them. I carry my cell phone wallet all the time and a purse rarely but I do have a cute Kate Spade purse I got for $3 at a consignment sale!
    You are such a sweet person to not want to bankrupt anyone. I don't think I would have answered that question with such chivalry.
    And I totally want some cheese grits right now!

    Lanaya | xoxo
    Raising Reagan

    • MrsTee Post author

      2 Purses?!?! OMGeee!!! I couldn’t survive with 2 purses! LOL I switch up almost 3 times a week!

      The wallet I just bought is a cell phone combo but I can only do those on a date night or something. Even then I always ‘need’ something I couldn’t fit. Lol. 🙂

      Girl I had some grits right after…so yummy!

    • MrsTee Post author

      How bout I’ve never seen Free Willy??? LOL. It just looked to sad.

      Hubby actually buys more for me than I do myself… Lol. I always end up shopping for the Kiddies.

  • Mrs.AOK

    Agreed! You have to have popcorn with your movie 🙂 I like my popcorn with pickles. That may be a Texas thing…
    I’m sure your house is tons of fun with all the kiddies (:
    I grew up in a family of 4 kids I cannot imagine 14!! Wowza!

    • MrsTee Post author

      I love extra butter or the cheddar season sprinkles they have now. Mmmmm!

      Pickles?? Like IN the popcorn or along with? I dunno. Could be good but definitely a Texas thang 😉

  • ssgannett

    Such amazing questions and answers! I would absolutely love to live in NC…but my hubby's brother is there and he is just a wonderful brother in law! Oh my and I am "that girl"! LOL! I cry at tv shows, movies, and I will even cry with a good book! LOL! I absolutely have loved joining up with all of you and getting to know you all! Hope you have an amazing weekend!
    My recent post Ask Away Friday 14!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks!!! It’s ok to cry but if I did it with my Hubby or Teen present I’d never live it down… LOL 😉

      So glad you joined up with us! Hope to see you again 🙂