2013 Before You Go, I Just Want To Say….



2013 Before You Go,

I Just Want To Say…


JanuarySmlWe met in January as is customary.  You were a bit shy at first  I mean you were after all just a baby.  Oh, I apologize for calling you 2012 for so long…I didn’t mean any harm…I’m just not that great with names. 😀  OMGosh my Buddie turned 2!  I’m not sure I was ready for this or not but it came either way and he had a blast at his first ‘themed’ party!  “I Am Batman!”


FEBRUARYIn February you showed me your loving side through my Hubby, family and friends. That was amazing.  I was able to celebrate my oldest Girlie and her 6th Birthday!  She had a great time at her first Big Girl party with arcade games, go carts and tons of fun!  I can’t believe my little Rockstar is in school and growing up so fast! I was in love overload!


MARCHIn March we had Easter Egg fun and celebrated the day of the Risen Son and how He came back to secure salvation for us all. I always love the fun side of this month.  To watch my Kiddies run through the grass searching for eggs. The pretty dresses and my Buddie and the Teenager in their suits are a bonus plus I usually get to dress up a bit as well.  


By April the rain came which we always expect but I can’t deny I was ready for it to end before it even came to a start. This month always seems to drag on rather slowly maybe it’s the cloudy days or the lack of sun but once April was okay with it.



MAYMay came with sun thank goodness for that along with Mother’s Day and the blessings of my Kiddies and Hubby.  We spent time and shared food and well you know a day with those two things is a great one in my book.  We also celebrated our oldest and his 19th Birthday!  It is so hard to believe how fast our kiddies our becoming men…well almost 😉


JUNEJune was Hubby’s turn with Father’s Day and we let him know that we loved him and how blessed we are to have him as our covering and father.  The kiddies were also happy to say hello to the summer and goodbye to school. The bikes, sidewalk chalk and outside fun all began. We had so much fun playing, enjoying each other and the long days at home.


JULYJuly is a month of red white and blue.  We have BBQs galore and we adore the abundance of leftovers they bring!  Guess what else happened in the month of fireworks?  My Blog was born! That’s right MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com had it’s first clicks and made it’s debut into the Blog world and hasn’t looked back since…


AUGUSTAugust came and with it my 35th year!  It was a bit more low-key than I thought but still full of love and best of all my family. Hubby and Kiddies made sure my day was sweet in more ways than one with cake, laughter and of course love from everyone.  I also met some truly amazing ladies I now get to call my BloggerBFFs.  We meet monthly to Google Chat and add faces (and voices…however squeeky 😉 ) to our written words! Dean from Mrs.AOK, A Work In Progress, Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County, Meg from The Patchwork Paisley, Brittnei from Homemaking With Style, Ophelia from Latina Mama Rama, Sarah from The Lomholt Family and now Missus V from The Vanilla Housewife.  These Ladies have all helped make my Blogger experience so much more than mere keystrokes but truly friendships and a life experience. There are so many other Bloggers, Support Communities, Readers and Friends who joined my journey and I am so grateful I wish I could name each and every one!


SEPTEMBERSeptember came and days of first began. The Teenager started Senior Year and Oh My Goodness I wasn’t ready for that.  Our second Teenager also turned 15! Goodness these boys are growing TOO fast! I began my first year (but hopefully 1 of many) as Troop Leader for my Girlies’ Daisy Girl Scout Troop.  I also was given new writing opportunities.  I was offered the opportunity to be a contributing writer to 10to20 Parenting TOTS Family and to write a Leader post for the Girls Scouts of NC Coastal Pines.  On top of everything I also began a Series about my journey to Finding My True Path… where I share the story of my childhood, teen pregnancy and journey through my struggles with my calling and my faith.

OCTOBEROctober was the month of costumes and spooky adventure.  I love nothing more than the fun of finding the costumes my Kiddies want the most and making the Halloween dreams come true.  I also decided to start my very first monthly Instagram Photo Challenge.  I was also blessed by having several posts featured on other sites and even receiving several awards from my fellow Bloggers!


NOVEMBERNovember is a month where my year begins to go into Fast Forward yeah you know when things get a bit hectic.  I have 2 birthdays plus Thanksgiving.  Oh did I mention the birthdays usually embrace or even land ON Thanksgiving?  Yup.  That’s. My. life. Still I love every hectic crazy moment of it.  We had a blast at our Build-A-Bear Girlie 5 year old party and then my 16 year old became a 17 year old.  Aaaaah!  Not sure if I did so well with that one!  He had a great day…actually it was more like a week.  Did I mention my Kiddies are a bit spoiled?  In a good way though.  Is that possible?  LOL  No seriously.  We give our Kiddies the best and what we always wanted but we teach them the effort needed to get it and the gratefulness they should show to deserve it.  You know how you can tell November is major for me?  Even this section of the post is overloaded!  LOL 😀

DECEMBERDecember…Oh December you sly month you! You just run up on me after everything with your merriness and sparkling lights!  I love you and you know I do! We went into decorate mode the day after Thanksgiving and didn’t stop until Christmas Eve!  Our house was the brightest on the corner and we LOVED It!  So did our Kiddies and that is all we wanted.  Our tree was real and the smell throughout the house was something I wish I could box up and carry around with me all year. December also brought me many unexpected blessings:  I won my very 1st Blog Giveaway from Penny at The Real Housewife of Caroline County a lovely Origami Owl Necklace and an amazing Christmas Wish was granted from Zagg Daily (Post Coming SOON!). Now December is slowly creeping it’s way out and you are getting ready to go.

So, before you go, I just want to say I’ve had a grand time 2013!  You’ve been the best year and a great blessing to my family and I in so many ways.  You brought me Love, Life and Laughter and so many other things that to name them would simply be a task too great.  I guess what I’m saying is farewell and you will definitely be remembered.

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16 thoughts on “2013 Before You Go, I Just Want To Say….

  • Michelle

    I love your recap! Very original. You've had a fantastic 2013. Looking forward to some great things in 2014.

  • Prototype Mama

    What a great way to review your year. I really wish I could remember all the fun things that happened throughout the year like this!
    My recent post My goals for 2014 +2014 goals printable

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! It was fun the reminisce. Going back through my pics helped a lot 🙂 Happy New Year\’s and thanks for the comment support 🙂

  • Melissa Gaines-Mow

    What a great year. My blog was also born in July, well kinda, as I explain I didn't hit the launch button so there's that small detail. December did come in fast and is leaving just as fast! Visit from Monday Blog Hop 😉

  • Rea

    I loved how you recapped the entire year . Thinking of it now, I have to try a bit harder to remember what months I did this or that but you were so specific! Love it! You had a blast this year and I hope you have a wonderful 2014 Tiffany. Great to have met you here in the blogging world!
    My recent post Ten People Of My Year 2013

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! It was actually a lot of fun thinking back…fun but not easy. I went through pics and stuff to help 🙂 it was a great year! Thank you…I hope your year is full of great thing as we\’ll! It is always nice to connect with nice people 😀

  • perfecttenn

    What a cute post and lovely way to commorate 2013. Here's to 2014 being as awesome of a year as 2013 was for you!

  • The Vanilla Housewife

    Love this recap of the year! You had quite a whirl with 2013 and accomplished so much already! Meeting you and the rest of the ladies have been a huge blessing for me and the blog. You guys have been very supportive!
    Blogging aside, I am very thankful we met Tiff! I wish you and your family all the best in 2014. Cheers!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thank You! Yes this year was certainly a blessing in so many ways, meeting all my BloggerBFFs is definitely counted among them 🙂 I hope 2014 brings you many many great things!!!

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