Universoul Circus Proven The #BestCircusEver

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The Best Circus Ever. It’s a big claim but Universoul Circus has proven it from start to finish! Founded 23 years ago to bring the talent and artistry of multiple cultures together under one tent. Universoul Circus takes family entertainment to a brand new place by making your family fun night interactive and memorable.



From The Start

As we walked in we witnessed the amazing dancing of the Caribbean Dynasty from Trinidad and Tobago welcomed us to the show. The rhythm and amazing energy set the tone for what was to come.

Universoul Dancers
Introducing Sifiso. He’s the guy in the crazy printed suit that seems to have a dance move for every song. When I say this guy could dance to anything…he made the show fun right from the start. Sifiso challenged several audience members to watch his moves and copy them. Seeing people totally loose themselves in the moment and nearly forgetting they were center ring- amazing! Sifiso got his start in his home of Johannesburg winning a talent show and has been bringing fun and entertainment to people ever since.


Universoul Circus Press Image


The Ringmaster

It was time for the show to begin which meant it was time for Lucky The Ringmaster. Lucky has a personality that immediately makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. It may be due in part to the fact that he’s been performing for nearly 21 of his 25 years. He has been part of the acts and now as Ringmaster he makes sure each person feels like part of the show. Lucky’s showmanship, talent and charisma draws you in. I found myself cheering, yelling out answers and encouraging his crazy center ring fun with no restraint at all!

Universoul Circus Lucky

Lucky along with Zeke the Sidekick, started off with an audience member dance off! That’s right folks, he grabbed volunteers from the audience and they formed a good old fashioned dance line to see who was best. I knew then this show was going to be like no other! I was beginning to realize dancing was going to be a running theme throughout the night.



Thanks to the talents of Duo Roxanne from Cali, Columbia to the amazing contortionist talents of Trinity from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Fly High from Cubana, Cuba I had several moments when I had no words for what I saw. Oh and I can’t forget Airborne 3 amazing motorcyclists making their debut with Universoul Circus! Eric Farr, 31 of Colorado, Derrick Deckering, 27, of Southern California, Jake Jolson, 19, of Northern California and Ray Bennett, 28 of Pennsylvania defy gravity with the stunts they pull off on those bikes!

Universoul Collage

Now a circus wouldn’t be a circus without elephants – Soul Circus Divas from America with trainer Larry Carden and his amazing Elephants seemed trained to steal the heart of the audience and add to our excitement.

To The Finish

The fun didn’t end there. I had the chance to make a few clown friends, get a couple of selfies and even have a ball party right there in the tent! Add to that the amazing performances, artistry and attention to details and Universoul Circus is the #BestCircusEver – consider it proven!



Besides the amazing performers in center ring there was also some pretty awesome talent ringside as well. The Fresh Clownssss (the ‘s’ is emphasized) are a clown quartet that roam around the audience with their special style of karaoke. It’s not only fun but watching them is like having a show within a show. From their amazingly colorful look to their the dance moves these guys aren’t just clownin’ around!



So then there was intermission. Can I just say this was the most entertaining intermission I’ve ever seen? I mean dancing, a bubble ball party with the audience and food….yes food!



The show ended with a grand showcase of all the performers and the many countries they represent. I’ve shared so much but there was so much in this show that I simply can’t share it all. Check out their tour schedule and find out when you can be a part of the Universoul Circus experience and see why I say they’ve proven they are the #BestCircusEver!!


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11 thoughts on “Universoul Circus Proven The #BestCircusEver

  • Aileen Adalid

    It's been a while since I've last been to a circus show, so you just gave me a nice blast of nostalgia 😉 It's my first time to hear of this show though and it looks interesting. 😀 Looks like you had a great time!

  • Bites for Foodies

    I have to admit that I have a hard time accepting circuses. Of course when I was a child I always wanted to go, but my mentality has changed and I can't bear to see those animals like that. I'm torn because I know my kids will be asking me soon to go! It does look like you had a great time…

    • MrsTee Post author

      The thing about this circus, the animals were honestly a small portion. I think there were 2 acts with animals. The rest was performances and entertainment. Still, I understand you view point and respect it.

  • irkedmommy

    It's not a circus or a carnival without funnel cake, in my opinion, so you did that right! This Universoul Circus looks so amazing and lively! I wish I could see it live! I have always loved the exuberance that live performers give off!

    • MrsTee Post author

      No it is not…LOL I knew I had to get that before anything else! It really is a circus like no other and one I would go see again and again…

  • Mommy Hates Cooking

    Universoul Circus looks amazing! I remember going to a circus when I was much younger, but nothing quite like this one. Contortionists have always intrigued me with their talent and skill. A bubble party? Now that sounds like fun!

    • MrsTee Post author

      It really was!! I\’ve been to the circus a few times but this one is definitely like nothing I\’ve seen before – in the best ways!! The Bubble party was awesome!! They were giant balls but looked like bubbles and we had to toss them and keep them off the ground – kinda like a huge audience game of hot potato…so much fun!

  • Censie

    Looks like a great event for all ages. We havent taken our kids to the circus yet but I know that they would enjoy this one and so would we. I need to put a circus on our family bucket list!

    • MrsTee Post author

      It is Censie!! They are very family friendly and yet you can have a blast as an adult or couple too!! So much fun…you definitely should add it to your list 🙂

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