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A Mom’s Guide To Minecraft – Join In The Fun!

Creepers, Endermen, Spiders, Zombies, Witches… characters I’ve come to know thanks to my Kiddies and their obsession fascination with Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that allows you to build, create and explore your own worlds. It’s perfect for kids because it encourages imagination, planning, strategy and team work. I’m sharing my […]

A Mom's Guide To Minecraft | TheMrsTee.com

Christmas In The Park Lights Up Our Hearts | TheMrsTee.com

Christmas In The Park Lights Up Our Hearts | #MYFayetteville

  Christmas lights have always been a major part of what the Holiday is to me. I grew up in New York and we would go out on Christmas Eve and ride around the neighborhood singing Christmas Carols while oohing and aahing at everyone’s lights! The colors, designs and sheer beauty […]

Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof™ Coffee Way!

  This is dedicated to all my fellow coffee drinkers! Coffee time is our time- it’s when we have those rare ‘just for me‘ moments we all need. Bulletproof™ Coffee gives us a way to keep those moments while offering added health and nutritional benefits! Take a moment, take a sip and let me share how I’ve […]

Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof® Coffee Way! | TheMrsTee.com

Me Time Anytime With Lifetime Movie Club ™

Wait time. In the life of a Mom it’s inevitable that I will be somewhere waiting. Drop-Off, Pick-Up, activities, Practices, Competitions they all start and end with me waiting. Finding a way to keep boredom away as I wait is always a challenge – until now. Lifetime Movie Club™ is the […]

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