2 Daisies And A Leader: Honor Our Heroes

This week our Troop was given the opportunity through our Area Leader for the Girls Scouts of NC Coastal Pines to participate with several community groups, local churches and Boy Scouts groups to place flags at our local Veteran’s Cemetery for Veteran’s Day.  As Leaders, we saw this as a great way to show our Girls how to honor our heroes and earn their Veteran’s Day activity badges.

I arrived at the Cemetery at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday,  I must admit I was a bit disappointed to see that we only had 3 Girls attending BUT I was determined that they would still leave with an understanding of why we were there, what we were doing and the importance of showing Honor to Our Heroes.

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A Veteran spoke on what being a Veteran was and how that as a soldier they know they may get hurt or even die but they do it anyway because they love our country and want to protect the people that live here- us.  He told us how Veterans were alive and some weren’t but that they all deserve Honor.  This seemed to stick with my 3 Girls.  My daughters immediately said “So that makes our Daddy a Hero!” and my other little Troop Girl said “My Mommy is a Hero Too!”  I was so happy they understood and I told them “Yes They Are!”

After the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance were done we took our flags and headed to a row to start placing.  We found out that there were a limited amount of pokers (the tools needed to make the holes in the ground for the flags) and a limited amount of people who knew how to use them.  Luckily we met Johnathan, a young Boy Scout who was willing to help us.

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As the Girls placed flags, they talked about how there were soldiers buried there and how their family must miss them.  I was surprised by their understanding and in awe of the honor they showed at such a young age.

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A few points I would keep in mine when planning a Community Service event:

♥Be sure to communicate clearly the time, place and duration of the event

♥Indicate the reason and purpose of the event

♥Make the parents aware if the even will be one that earns an activity badge or simply for the experience

♥No matter how many or how few of your Girls attend an event, always embrace them and let them walk away with a lesson and a memory



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