One Word 2014…More Than A Resolution

Today I was browsing some of my fellow Southern Girl Blog Community Blogger posts and came across DivasWithAPurpose.  She had a post up called One Word 2014.  As I read it I instantly knew this was something I not only want to participate in but also spread the word about.

We all know how popular the New Year’s Resolution trend can be but how keeping those resolutions can sometimes be difficult if not close to impossible. Partly because we tend to set unattainable goals for ourselves that we have never been able to achieve throughout the year but somehow we think on New Year’s Eve at the stroke of 12 midnight we will be endowed with some new-found ability to just make them happen.  I’m guilty myself.

Then one year I simply decided to stop making Resolutions all together. Instead I was going to promise myself I would make certain changes in my life.  Still this became difficult because I would make such a lengthy list that making the steps would seem so daunting I would end up giving up and giving in to my old ways less than a month into the New Year.

When I read Michelle’s post and saw that instead of a list or set of goals this was one single word.  That’s it!  A word.  One word that you determine in your heart, mind and soul to achieve and focus on through the coming year.  Instead of trying to check of task or goal after goal you just take this word and each day make a step towards achieving it’s purpose in your life that year.  This I can handle.

Now came the part of choosing my word.  Luckily Michelle gives a great way to come up with your word.  I was one of those people who’s word actually came to me instantly.  Probably because it was something I had been dealing with off and on and knew I needed to work on.  Still I want to share how you can find your word just in case your not an ‘instant’ person like me.

Michelle’s Guide To Finding Your Word:

Ways to Determine Your One Word 2014

  • Without being deliberate, begin writing down words focused on what you would like to do and be in 2014.  It could be specific activities you would like to accomplish; characteristics you would like to embody and embrace; habits you would like to break; anything that comes to mind when you think about the coming months
  • Review that list and circle any words that stand out to you.
  • Reflect on what you truly want to accomplish in the coming year and compare to your circled words. Does anything jump at you? Is there a resounding theme?
  • Sometimes your word may come to you immediately and other times you may need to meditate on it and seek guidance and input from others

So, my One Word 2014 is:



I came to this word This word came to me mainly because it is something I’ve noticed I haven’t been very good at lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I hear a lot.  Conversations, interactions between family members but lately I’ve found myself zoning out and failing to truly ‘listen‘ to what’s being said, expressed and passed on to me.  So this coming year, 2014, my One Word is LISTEN.  I will make the conscious effort to no longer be a bouncing board for the words, thoughts and ideas of my family and friends but instead to truly listen, absorb and retain what they tell me and give substantial feedback.

So, do you think this is something you’d like to do?  If so, stop by DivasWithAPurpose and link up your One Word 2014 post.  Throughout the year, Michelle will be connecting with each of those Bloggers who decide to take on the One Word 2014 task.  There we can share our success and find support because let’s face it no new task is easy at first.  Still, with the each other I know we can all do this!

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Tiffany is the ‘ Tee’ behind - a Lifestyle Blog created as a place to share her love of all things Faith, Family, Fashion, Food, Fun, Tech & Travel. Tiffany has established her influence within both the Blogging and Vlogging Communities. She is a 2016 VOTY Award Honoree, Contributing Author with iBlog Magazine and Tiffany has also been a Panelist for the MomsEveryday TV Show for 2 Seasons.

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27 thoughts on “One Word 2014…More Than A Resolution

  • misssrobin

    This will be my third year choosing one word to guide my year. My word this year is CREATE. I can’t wait to see what the year brings and how things unfold.

    I really like your choice. I hope it brings you peace and joy. Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

  • Carole

    I love this, Tiffany! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. My word is kindness. I'm writing my post today! You rock, girl!
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  • Michelle

    First, thank you so much for the excitement and sharing my One Word post and link-up with your readers! It truly means a lot and reinforces that my word for 2014 is already kicking into gear – SUPPORT.

    I love your word and the rationale behind it. Often we hear people speaking but we don't take the time to truly listen and reflect on what they are saying (or sometimes what they are NOT saying).

    I'm looking forward to connecting with your throughout 2014 to see how you're implementing your word within your daily walk.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Your welcome! Thank you for being willing to share such an amazing idea and take on stepping into a New Year. I am so glad I came upon it and can\’t wait to stay connected throughout the year.

      Thank you. Like I said my word was one that came to me instantly because I had been feeling it was something I needed to work on and what better way than to make it my full focus for an entire year? 🙂

  • Sonya

    Listen is such a great word. It's something that I need to work on too. I find myself tuning so much out, I'm always thinking and I'm not listening very well. My husband is always telling me I don't listen. I'll ask him a question, like if he wants eggs for breakfast. I don't hear an answer, so I think he doesn't want any. I'll fix breakfast and then he'll ask where are my eggs and I'll respond I didn't hear your answer so I thought you didn't want any. Then he'll tell me he said yes and that I don't listen to him. I'm lucky that my husband is really easy going and doesn't get upset that I'm a really bad listener. He just likes to make jokes that no one listens to him (kids included).
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    • MrsTee Post author

      This is exactly the same reason why I feel this is the word I need to focus on for 2014. I don\’t think I\’m consciously tuning out all the time I just get so involved in trying to accomplish set tasks that I find myself kinda passing through things and moments. I\’ve had some of those same instances with my Hubby. I think we\’re both luck our guys are understanding. 😀

  • Brittnei Washington

    This sounds like a cool spin on doing a resolution. Usually people create lists. I admire that they are encouraging people to just focus on one word. I would probably say that I could always do a lot more listening. I have days where I'm better than others, but overall, I would love to always become a better listener.
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  • sueannie

    Awesome post! My word is ACTION, which is what lead me to start a blog, join a church and build a new community of people pretty much in two weeks lol so crazy how quickly things start to change when you change just one thing. thank you for sharing I found you through a link up and wanted to say HELLO.
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    • MrsTee Post author

      What a great word choice! Whoa! You’ve been busy! Yes, it is amazing how changing one word in your life can results in a multitude of other changes. Thanks so much for stopping by…I can’t wait to get to know you!

  • Rea

    This is something great to look forward too. I agree that fulfilling goals and steps to achieve them can really be tedious although I don't mind working on them since this is really the first time that I'm making a clear list. HAH! I made a list of my goals recently and I'll do my best to follow my priorities on that list. AND you know what? Right now, my word just popped up on my head! LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing. 😀

    • MrsTee Post author

      My word came to me just like that! right as I was reading Michelle’s post…LOL I can’t wait to read yours and see what your word is! I think this is going to be an awesome way to connect and support each other…

  • Katia

    I LOVE the idea and I love your choice of the word, or how you very wisely put it the word's choice of you… I completely relate to the notion that resolutions can be incredibly overwhelming, which is why I've enjoyed the book The Happiness Project so much, where the author would choose one theme that she would focus on per month for an entire year rather than starting with a list of resolutions and trying to tackle all of them. I wish you the best of luck with this terrific resolution!

    • MrsTee Post author

      I knew instantly this was something I wanted to do. Isn't it amazing? Yes, i do feel that my word chose me. I think it is something I need to focus on simply because it will not only help me but it will also make my relationships with my family better as well. I have not heard of The Happiness Project but it definitely will be something I will be looking up. It sounds very interesting.Thank You So Much! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year To You!