#AskAwayFriday FLASHBACK W/ Lanaya From Raising Reagan

This week I am lucky enough to have an #AskAwayFriday Flashback Swap with my buddy Lanaya from Raising Reagan.  We had a blast with our first swap and I can’t wait to see what has happened with both of us in the past few months and how much more we can get to know each other!


Lanaya is a living example of the word SuperMom!  She is raising the cutest little bundle of sweetness, Reagan, just finished a major move, going back to school and transitioning from SAHM to Working Mom while still managing to keep us all in the loop with an amazing Blog! Whew! I need a minute for my fingers to recovering just from typing all of that much less living it 😀

Now, don’t forget once you finish checking out my answers to Lanaya’s awesome questions be sure to swing over to Raising Reagan and check out what I had to ask her!



Do you have any favorite board games, card games or dice games you like to play?

I actually LOVE playing a good game of UNO.  It is fun, easy and the entire family can join in or there have been a few nights when the TV was a disappointment and Hubby and I played.

I have played UNO since I was a little girl.  I remember my older cousins used to try and trick me into learning as we played by telling me to add up the numbers or subtract them.  I must admit I am guilty of doing the same to my Kiddies but it works and most times they are having such fun they don’t even notice 🙂

As a Starbucks addict you have an opportunity to create a new drink for them.

What kind of drink would you create and would it be centered around a theme or holiday?

OMGosh!  Really?!?!?  This would be awesome!  I would definitely choose something on the sweeter side and a bit indulgent.  Perhaps a Strawberry Milkshake flavored Latte.  If I had to pick a Holiday I would say it could be for Valentine’s Day…after all a bit of pink and sweet is a perfect Valentine’s Day Fit!

Do you call Pepsi or Coke soda or pop?

First…I’m a Pepsi gal.  I only drink Coke if it is no other option OR it’s Vanilla 😀  that said, I call them soda.  I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone call it a pop…perhaps one of my older more southern Aunts 😉

What is a favorite pattern of yours to wear {ie, Chevron, polka dots, etc.} If you don’t wear patterns why?

I really wasn’t a pattern type of woman until recently when I feel in complete LOVE with leopard and cheetah.  I glanced through my closet and most of my clothes are solids.  I may have a few stripes in there and a plaid or two but the majority is of the solid variety.

Now, I am a newbie animal print convert SO I am still at the accessory phase.  A purse, shoe, etc. I am taking baby steps towards a full on print.  Less is more at times.  I have worn a hot pink Cheetah print shirt but well…it was pink AND cheetah so how couldn’t I wear it? 😀


What is one thing you consider essential to understanding the different personalities of your children?

Definitely being able to LISTEN.  My Kiddies have such night and day personalities if I didn’t listen carefully I would completely misread what they were upset about, happy about or even just trying to express.


The Teenager is well, a teenager, so with him listening is taken to a whole new level because I have to try and hear the unspoken as well as his spoken words.  Let’s just say it can be a true labor of love 🙂

My oldest daughter has a tendancy to over-analyze and think things out to the fullest extent (not sure where she could get that from) so if you don’t listen to her completely you may miss her point simply because she takes the long way to get to it.

My youngest daughter on the other hand is just a big ball of emotions.  She is touched, hurt and impacted by most things so if she feels you are not giving her your full attention the waterworks may appear momentarily.

Now my little Buddie, he is like a perfect combo pack of the two of them.  So being all ears is a definite requirement when dealing with him.

I just made you a talk show host for the day and you get to talk about one thing that will reach millions of people worldwide .. what do you talk about?

Hmmm….most likely the very same things I talk about here on my Blog.  Love, Life and Laughter.  people may wonder how I can sum up my life, viewpoint and beliefs through those 3 words but it truly does apply.  Without the Love of God, Hubby and Family I would not be able to handle a lot of what my life has brought to me.  The Life I have been Blessed with is one I would have never dreamed of having without the partnership I have with my Hubby and the love we share for each other.  The Laughter is what brings all the hard times to an end.  I have had moments of pure desperation and my Hubby or Kiddies will bring me out with a simple look or act of silliness.

I have found that most people have each of these in their lives in some form and with them I have been able to reach, connect and share with people in a way I have never imagined.


Considering finances, are you a good saver or do you walk through the store and need to snatch that new purse you’ve been eyeing?

I can honestly go from one extreme to the next at times which is why having a mate who can check you (or you check each other) is a great benefit.  There are times I will pinch the last drop of copper from a penny and others where I simply want it and therefore I shall have it…LOL

Luckily the latter times come few and far between but between my Hubby and I we are able to find a good balance of treating ourselves and still maintaining our home.

I am going to roll 8-10 into one question:

Trade places with one blogger for the day .. who do you pick?

Lanaya!  This is so cruel!  I have so many Bloggers that I adore that picking just one is like finding a needle in a haystack.  BUT since you said it’s for a day I am going to assume that the next day I would be able to select another, and another and so on.

That said, my first pick for a Blogger to trade with would be Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County.  I have seen her and her Blog grow into something amazing and I would honestly love to have a day to see how she balances everything from her New The 1-OH-1 Experience Series, her YouTube Vlogs and even her ability to continuously offer her Readers amazing Reviews and Giveaways PLUS being a constant support to her fellow Bloggers!

Trade places with one blog for the day … which blog do you takeover?

Wow!  I would trade places with Mrs.AOK – A Work In Progress for sure!  Everytime I visit I always feel light-hearted and happy.  It practically projects from the screen.  I would also consider this a great trade because I know that Mrs.AOK would take good care of my ‘place’ as much as I would take care of hers.

Trade places with one celebrity for the day … who do you become?

This is difficult.  I honestly can’t think of anyone I would want to trade with simply because I am such a non-social interaction type person being a celebrity would freak me out.  I would probably spend the day in my mansion somewhere hiding from fans and such.  LOL

And finally … trade places with one historical figure for the day …

who do you choose, what day {if applicable} and why?

I think I would love to spend any day as Audrey Hepburn. I have always admired not only her physical beauty but the beauty which also seemed to eminate from her as a person.

Her devotion to humanity through her work with UNICEF was something that I would have loved to experienced and been a part of.

Lanaya really came up with some amazing questions and those last few really had me thinking!  Take a minute and head over to Raising Reagan and see how Lanaya answered my questions.

Also,  if you love #AskAwayFriday and would like to participate feel free to contact Penny over at Real Housewife of Caroline County, drop me a message in the comments, through my Contact Me or through any of the participating Bloggers and we’ll be sure to let you know how to get started and get connected.

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21 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday FLASHBACK W/ Lanaya From Raising Reagan

  • ssgannett

    What a great pairing! Isn't it funny how kids each have those funny little quirks that they do! For years, I was the one who had to translate the words that came out of my kids, because most folks couldn't understand what they were saying! Not because they spoke gibberish or anything, but that their little minds rolled faster than the words came out and it ended up jumbled to the untrained ear. You are so right that Love, Life, and Laughter really seem to just sum it up! Hope you have a great week, Tiffany!
    My recent post Valentine’s Giveaway with #LoveCoups!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! Lanaya is my buddy 🙂 Yes! My youngest daughter had the same thing…i was always saying \”what she\’s saying is…\” She talks super fast! 😀 Thanks…I hope you had a great weekend and awesome week.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! Lanaya really gave me some great ones this week 🙂 Are you ? I love it…I\’m trying not to go overboard …LOL

  • Sarah

    My favorite bloggers combined. Awww. 🙂 and I love your starbucks idea and you can totally rock cheetah. PS I call it pop. 😉 Maybe it is a midwest thing? I don't know LOL.
    My recent post AskAwayFriday

    • MrsTee Post author

      Aww shucks! 😀 Thanks! I am trying to make way past just accessories…you know i\’ll share it when I do …LOL

      Pop…It must be! LMBO

    • MrsTee Post author

      Haha! Thanks so much…it\’s good to know I wouldn\’t be talking to myself 😀

      YES! I love it but I\’ve heard it\’s a love or hate drink…

      Wasn\’t she amazing…she was the best of beauty, grace and kindness…

  • Sonya K

    I’m going to buy some Uno cards for my family. I had forgot about that game. My five-year old likes to play Phase 10 on the Kindle so I’m sure he will like Uno too!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! I earned my gold in December too and I only got my card in November…LMBO That IS true devotion…but so worth it! I love flashing that pretty sparkle covered card 😀 I think \’pop\’ is a midwest/southern thing…I never heard it in New York! Happy Friday and have a great weekend !

    • MrsTee Post author

      Really?!?!? I had NO Idea…I don\’t really do coffee at McDonalds but I may have to try it simply because well…strawberry 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

  • Lanaya

    WOW … you came up with some great questions! I have to admit, these questions {besides the last one} were fun for me to ask you! I couldn't wait to read your answers on them. You gave some excellent responses. I knew you would love the Starbucks drink question! I love Audrey Hepburn — talk about class and sophistication. I also know you would be just fine in a celebrity type setting. No hiding for you my dear! And YES, listen — is that where I'm going wrong? LOL

    Thank you for swapping with me again love!!


    • MrsTee Post author

      You did too! I had a blast answering them and I am so glad we got to swap again 😀 I used to watch Breakfast at Tiffany\’s over and over…once I got over it being my name I realized how amazing Audrey Hepburn actually was! 🙂
      I guess I would do ok as a celebrity…i just can\’t imagine that much attention being focused on ME… LMBO
      Trust me I am still learning to LISTEN…but as long as you are trying it matters.

  • Ilene Evans

    Loved reading these. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan too. She was an amazing actress. So graceful and gave so much back. And I love Cheetah print. I have cheetah in a cardigan sweater and a dress that I am both wearing out!

    • MrsTee Post author

      I think #AskAwayFriday is the best way I\’ve come upon outside of Social media to meet and create new Blogger friends and connections.

      She was most definitely graceful and so elegant. I think her spirit of giving helped with that.

      Ooooh! A cardigan sounds wonderful…I need to find a staple item in cheetah so I can go beyond just accessories 🙂

  • Herchel S

    Tiffany you were one of the first to welcome to the community as a new blogger! I don’t believe that you aren’t a social interaction type of person ;).

    • MrsTee Post author

      I’m great screen to screen. Face to face is a bit harder. I’m actually a bit of an introvert and on the shy side. 🙂

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