#AskAwayFriday W/Sarah From Redemption Diary

Our First #AskAwayFriday of 2014!!!  I am so lucky to be swapping with Sarah from Redemption Diary this week.


Sarah is truly an amazing blogger with a message of Faith, Family, and most of all Community.  Sarah truly believe’s in supporting those around her through both her words and actions.  I am so happy to get a chance to ask and answer 10 Questions with her!



1. Why did you begin blogging? 
I began blogging to have a place to share my inner thoughts, reflections and musings.  I have always kept a journal of some sort whether it be pen to paper or through keystrokes.  As I spoke to friends and browsed Blogs I began to think it could be a great way to gain feedback on my writing.
I also saw the potential for a possible side income.  I am a creative person at heart but I also see the possibilities that lay within a well organized and promoted Blog and I would love to get to a point where I could bring in a good source of some ‘Momma” spending cash 😀
2. I was perusing your blog and read about your extended stays in Hawaii. What was the best thing about living there? 
 I would have to say the people.  The island itself it absolutely beautiful and the people are an even greater pleasure.  They are friendly and the feeling Ohana (family) is one that is immediate.  They are no strangers.  Whether you are a ‘local’, military or a tourist the welcome and Aloha greetings are the same.
3. What does a normal morning look like at your house? 
A normal morning in my home is actually rather peaceful.  I get my Kiddies ready for school which is usually started before daylight so they are all in slow-motion.  Once they are settled and eating breakfast the Teenager takes over and helps them along.  We then head out the door for drop offs…
Once I get back home, I usually brew up a cup of coffee (if I haven’t already stopped by Starbucks..LOL) and then settle for a bit of Blogger catch up until my youngest wakes up.
When he gets up it’s breakfast Round 2 and then a morning of cartoons, play and movies with a bit of Blogging mixed in.
4. What is your favorite social media platform? 
Twitter by far!  I love the community and friendships I have formed in the Blogging world and 9 our of 10 of those have begun on Twitter.
Through the #SITSSharefest and #SMGirlfriends various Twitter meet-ups and chats I have made numerous friends and Blogger connections that I value greatly.
Twitter is also a great way to help spread the word about your most recent post, your favorite Blogger friends and even you random thoughts throughout the day.  There is always someone on and always a way to connect.
5. If you could do one thing different with your writing what would it be? 
I would definitely begin to share my poetry more often.  I actually write poems and different forms of poetry rather often.  It is through poetry that most times my deeper feelings are easiest revealed.  It tends to flow and escape my self-imposed limits and once there…on paper, on screen…it’s no longer mine to try and hold on to.  It’s very freeing.
Still, I have found myself limiting the amount of poetry I share.  I hope to change this.
6. On average, how long does it take you to write a post?
Unless it is a post that requires extensive imagery and links I can usually finish a posts within an hour.  Especially if it is something from within myself.  A personal writing.
The posts that tend to take a lot of planning, drafting and editing are those for Blog Promotion or Affiliates.  Posts like that require details, facts and in my OCD focused mind a lot of proofing (my perfectionism takes over).  Hitting -Publish- is far harder in those cases.
7. Do you have a writing mentor? 
I honestly don’t.  I have always simply written from my inner thoughts.  I allow the voices in my mind to have their say on paper (or screen).  I admire other writers and have a few literary authors whom I love but I can’t say I have a ‘mentor’.
8. What’s your favorite food?
Wow!  Anything edible.  LOL  I love all food.  A better way for me to explain is probably to say the few things I don’t eat!
I can’t do:  slimmy, slipper or too creamy.  Texture tends to be a major factor in whether I taste something.  Oh and smell!  If something smells gross I don’t care how you try to convince me the taste is great I’m not picking up a fork (sorry chittlins’ – chitterlings 😀 ).
9. What’s the hardest thing for you about being a stay-at-home-mom? 
Probably not having a daily interaction with other Big People!  LOL  I think that is the only thing I miss about being in a daily 9-5 workforce.  I enjoyed the interactions and friendships that came with having a job.  I’m not sure this is the hardest thing but it would be my one Con…
10. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Da Bronx, New York!  😀
Did you enjoy Sarah’s questions?  I know I did!  Now go visit Sarah over at Redemption Diary and see what questions I came up with and how she answered them…
Also,  if you love #AskAwayFriday and would like to participate feel free to contact Penny over at Real Housewife of Caroline County, drop me a message in the comments, through my Contact Me or through any of the participating Bloggers and we’ll be sure to let you know how to get started and get connected.
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Tiffany is the ‘ Tee’ behind TheMrsTee.com - a Lifestyle Blog created as a place to share her love of all things Faith, Family, Fashion, Food, Fun, Tech & Travel. Tiffany has established her influence within both the Blogging and Vlogging Communities. She is a 2016 VOTY Award Honoree, Contributing Author with iBlog Magazine and BlogHer.com. Tiffany has also been a Panelist for the MomsEveryday TV Show for 2 Seasons.

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18 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday W/Sarah From Redemption Diary

  • dishofdailylife

    I need to get faster at writing my posts! Sometimes I can get one done in an hour or less, but other times I slave over them. I have gotten faster though!

  • Carissa

    I would love to read some of your poetry! Actually my father writes a lot of poetry and someone suggested that he start a blog with all his material! Of course he looked at me like yes we should do that LOL!!! I think it would be a good I idea to share your poetry…well what you are comfortable with. I agree the biggest thing I miss is having coworkers, I really loved my coworkers from my job…they were like family. We keep in touch but still its nothing like talking to them daily!
    My recent post #AskAwayFriday with Lanaya from Raising Reagan

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thank You! I just have to work up the nerve to hit PUBLISH…my poetry tends to be a lot more personal because it just seems to flow easier…so I need a bit of courage to let it be seen.

      Yes, I miss lunch times and just chatting with each other during the day…every now and then Momma needs some grown-up talk 😉

  • Sarah

    I want to go to Hawaii so badly! BUT I'm deathly afraid of flying, and flying over water would scare the crap out of me. Come with me and hold my hand, LOL?? Twitter has become my new obsession too. 🙂

    • MrsTee Post author

      Oh you should! Yes it maybe difficult if you don\’t like flying…it\’s 15 hours of flying…BUT…I found taking connecting flights helps a lot…you get some breathing time between. We took 3 flights. The last was the longest at 5 hours. I\’ll come with and be a support 😉

    • MrsTee Post author

      Haha! I like that…yes I definitely have a very open minded appetite…LOL. Yes! Do come…#SITSSharefest is a great way to connect and share… 🙂

  • acookiebeforedinner

    There are times when I can write a post in 30 minutes. It is all of the other things that take time- making the graphic, editing the photos, SEO, and scheduling the social media! Although, my Ask Away Friday posts always take a long time to write mostly because they end up around 2000 words!
    My recent post Ask Away Friday With Eli From Coach Daddy

    • MrsTee Post author

      LMBO! The smell and then once my Aunt told me exactly what they were…umm yeah chittlins were a NoNo for me from that point on…:D Yes! Lunch breaks were a fun way to get the best of both worlds (friends and food)…LOL

  • Sarah

    Tiffany, thanks so much for joining up with me this week! I too can write a post in under an hour if it's something I have been thinking about or on my heart. I wrote something the other night in about 20 minutes. But it was emotionally charged and I had been sitting on my feelings for a while, it all just spilled out. I'd love to read your poetry if you share it.
    Thanks again, you are a great example of how fun blogging can be!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Your welcome! It was so much fun and you had some really great questions. Yes, my content definitely determines the amount of time a post takes to be written. When it is like you said a release the words and thoughts definitely flow a lot easier. Aww thanks…I\’m going try try and convince myself to start putting more poetry up…my poetry tends to be truly personal so it may take me some time 🙂 Thanks!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Haha! when I write something from within it just tends to flow freely…cutting writing time down. I always go back through for images, fonts, etc. 😀 Happy New Year!