#AskAwayFriday With Sarah From Small Town Iowan

Even though Sarah from Small Town Iowan have aparently exchanged questions before (even thought neither of us remembered until this Wednesday) that was before she changed her name…so I say we count this as my first exchange with her as Small Town Iowan!
Small Town Iowan AskAway

I absolutely love going by Sarah’s for a visit.  Here daughters are the most adorable and photogenic Princesses ever (well along with mine 🙂 )She always has a unique view and awesome sense of humor to her posts and they can brighten my day instantly.  You know what’s coming up next right?  Yup.  Open that next tab and go visit her…go on, just click here: Small Town Iowan…I’ll wait 🙂

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Ok, now that you’ve done that welcome to this week’s #AskAwayFriday now let’s get to the questions:

Sarah Small Town Iowan AskAway

Sarah: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In my life, I will have been married for 15 years now and hopefully we can celebrate by taking a lengthy vacation.  I also hope to have finished my degrees and perhaps pursuing some type of work from home situation.

In 5 years I pray to see my Teenager finishing his College Degree and that many steps closer to achieving his desires and dreams.  I will be so proud but also trying to push him to keep up the momentum so that he doesn’t fall short of anything he is trying to do.

My oldest Girlie will be 12 and I will probably be freaking out about her starting Middle School (I’m nervous just typing those words in the same sentence as her).  She is my most independent Kiddie and that makes me even more possessive protective concerned for her at times.  I don’t see this changing.

My youngest Girlie will be 10 and even though she is the youngest she is the caregiver for all the others.  I know she will have a hard time being separated from her sister so I will most likely be playing comfort and support for her until she learns to adjust.

My Buddie Boy will be 8 and luckily still young enough (hopefully) to give me smoochies and hugs when asked. He will have been in school for a few years so I will probably be one of those moms who is forever present and volunteering just to be close to him. Yup, that’s me and I’m okay with it.

On the blog, I would love to be at a point where I am capturing the attention of my readers and follows with quality content and encouragement while still being able to earn a consistent income with Brands and Companies.

Sarah: Your blog is the bomb.com.  Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Wow!  Thanks for that.  I am truly Blessed and Grateful to have gotten this far in the amount of time that I have.  

My advice for New Bloggers is to ALWAYS be you. The readers who are meant for you will be for you.  Why?  It’s simple.  Readers follow a Blogger based on the draw or the similarities and elements they can relate to from that Blogger.  To present anything other than your true self would be so difficult to maintain you wold eventually loose them.  Instead be yourself, this is the easiest way to keep the attention you earn as ell as be able to

Sarah: What does your typical day look like?

 A typical day minus any doctor’s appointments or such is pretty routine: 

6AM wake up

Get Kiddies School Ready: bathe, dress, breakfast, etc.

School Drop Offs



School Pick Ups

This is where the fun starts, depending on the day

Dance, Girl Scouts, Band Practices

Home: Dinner, Homework, etc.

9PM They SLEEP!!

Sarah:  Favorite room in your place?

My favorite room in my home is definitely the living room.  We very literally LIVE in it. This is the place where we unwind from long days, regroup and simply hang out together. Our living room is the place for conversations, games, entertainment and just Family Time. 

Sarah: If I came to visit you, where would you take me?

We would definitely have to go shopping.  That’s just like the No. 1 Girl thing to do, right? 🙂

Next we would need to eat.  Yes I’m sorry eating is always my main priority.  LOL  Our downtown has some cool spots including one that specializes in fried turkey sandwiches…Oh Em Gee! (I hope you like turkey)

Then we would make a Starbucks run and visit a bit more of the downtown area. There are a lot of unique boutiques and shops down there.  There are also some amazing small theaters where they are always showing or performing some cool shows.

Sarah: You are on a lot of social media sites (which I stalk 😉 ) which one is your favorite?

I alway say Twitter (follow me) because it can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to create connections with other Bloggers, Brands and Followers.  You can always start a great conversation with someone without bothering anyone else.

Twitter is also a great way to promote and expand the reach of your Blog.  You can design unque hashtags, include links to specific posts and simply stay present in your Readers daily life. 

Sarah:  If you could trade places with anyone famous for a day, who would you choose? (Ex. Writer, actress, singer)

 Hmm.  I always have a hard time with these type of questions.  I think I would say Alicia Keys.

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/infosjoerd/2670031591/

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/infosjoerd/2670031591/

I love her talent, her ambition and her love to help others.  I played piano from age 5-11 but it was never what I would call a natural talent.  I had to work really hard at it.  I would love to experience the feeling of playing from my emotions and writing a song.

Sarah:  What is your go to outfit?

This one is easy.  My favorite running errands, quick day out look is a Hoodie, T-Shirt, Jeans and my favorite worn out pair of Chucks!

AskAway Sarah GoTo Look

Sarah: You have a wonderful big family, what is one of your favorite activities to do with them?

I do love our Team but being apart a lot limits the activities we do with EVERYone.

Our living room comes into play because with my little daily crew we love to just gather on the couch with every blankie in the house and watch movies with popcorn. If it’s a weekend it usually turns into a family slumber party.

We also have The Best Dance Off parties EVER!  Hubby and I our really into music and our playlists are expansive so we pick one and let it play while the Kiddies have a dance competition in the middle of the living room floor. It’s the most fun!  They get rid of a bit of extra energy and we get a night full of love and laughter.

If we want to venture out it tends to get rather costly but most times the kiddies will end up at some sort of fun house or bouncy house type place.

Anything we can do together is good for us! 

Sarah: You’re a big coffee gal, what is your favorite drink?

Oh Sarah!  Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…I can’t pick just one!  It is close to impossible.  I try a different flavor recipe almost weekly and each time I do that one becomes my favorite!  LOL  Right now I really love the Caramel Frappaccino…we have had a few warm day teasers and I grab one every time.  It’s cool, refreshing and with a bit of extra caramel a great indulgence.



Also, if you love #AskAwayFriday and would like to participate feel free to contact Penny over at Real Housewife of Caroline County, drop me a message in the comments, through my Contact Me or through any of the participating Bloggers and we’ll be sure to let you know how to get started and get connected.




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23 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday With Sarah From Small Town Iowan

  • Dana

    Coffee and shopping sounds like the perfect day to me – can I join you? I'm jealous that your kids are in bed by 9:00 – those early bedtimes are one of the things I miss about having little ones. Now I usually am asleep before my teenager.
    My recent post Come on feel the noise (of boys)

    • MrsTee Post author

      Of course you can! Coffee and anything is usually a great day for me…LOL Oh it is a major effort to make the 9pm stick…especially with a Hubby who love to give them \’just 10 more minutes\’ 😀

    • MrsTee Post author

      LOL…that sounds like a great way to have a bit of a break. I know how it feels to miss your Kiddies when their gone even for a little bit though…

  • Shana Norris

    I'm all about the food, too. It's ALWAYS on my mind. And Twitter is my favorite social network too. LOVE it!
    My recent post Ask Away Friday with Tamara of Tamara (Like) Camara.

  • voteyesforshkids

    We absolutely live in our living room, too. In fact, as I type – I am on the couch with my laptop, my husband is on the couch watching basketball, and my boys are in between us reading books on the iPad! That is exactly why we bought an extra long couch a couple years ago! Haha!
    And I am wanting to come visit you just to check out this fried turkey sandwich you speak of! I am incredibly intrigued!
    Happy Ask Away Friday, Tiffany!
    My recent post Ask Away Friday with SuperFreshBabyPants

    • MrsTee Post author

      I am sitting my living room as I reply…Kiddies playing video games, Hubby on hi tablet and me on my MacBook…Teenager laid on the floor listening to music..LOL

      Oh You Should! It is absolutely amazing! #YumYummy

  • tamaralikecamera

    You already do capture attention on your blog with great content, so that will just explode in five years!
    I love your dreams for yourself and your kids.

    And I'm 100% a caramel frappe girl. It's my signature.
    My recent post The Queen of Blog Commenting.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Wow! That means a lot from a Blog/Blogger I admire and look up to for inspiration. Thanks so much!

      **I always get EXTRA Caramel 😀 LOL**

  • Mrs.AOK

    Jeans, Hoodie, Chucks— and that's why you're my girl! PSSSHH and STARBUCKS!! #BBFF

    I wish you all the best, I know you'll conquer all that you set in your path… you got those 5 years on lock 🙂

    • MrsTee Post author

      Yes Ma'am! I like looking all girly and such but that is my signature look for sure! 😀 yes, this friendship was definitely meant to be ! xoxox #BloggerBFF

      LOL…I truly hope so! With God's help and strength I pray to get there!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Yes…definitely my GoTO outfit. Comfort and it doesn\’t necessarily look like I just rolled out of the bed. Thanks for coming by Michelle 😀

  • acookiebeforedinner

    Caramel Frappicino? What? Hello yum! When I was in FL I drank my weight in caramel macchiatos. It was awesome.

    I don't even want to think about life in five years. It just makes me too weepy. Kids should never get to grow up!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Love It! I tried the Vanilla but didn\’t really get the taste…I may need an extra pump of flavoring for that one! Trust me looking ahead 5 years for my Kiddies is hard. I just want to hold them and keep them right where they are …LOL 🙂

  • Sonya K

    Sounds like your living room is the place to be. It's the same way at our house we like to play and hangout all day in our living room. I thought about you the other day when I was at JCPenny, they had Disney tees on clearance for $4.99. I bought some for my kids for our Disney vacation. Hopefully, they will have another $10 off $25 coupon soon. I want to get a dress for my daughter for when we visit the Magic Kingdom. I'm not sure if I will get her a costume or just a Disney related dress.
    My recent post Ask Away Friday with April from 100lb Countdown

    • MrsTee Post author

      I always believed a Living Room should be lived in…I had relatives who made it untouchable…ours is definitely not that! LOL Really!!??!? My Kiddies (well the Girls) all have Disney outfits as well as Disney Costumes so we should deb goo don that end. Marvel is Disney so my little Buddie is good as well. They all love their Disney so it has been a running theme in our home for a while now.

  • Sarah

    Your opening was seriously flattering. Thank you so much for being a great blogger friend. I'm so happy to have you in my life! Loved your answers to my questions.

    • MrsTee Post author

      You totally deserved it! Thank you for being an amazing Blogger and friend as well. I am happy we have had the chance to connect and meet each other. 😀 xoxoxo

    • MrsTee Post author

      Yes!! I love Norah Jones as well…she ha an amazing legacy pushing her talent forward.

      Yes!!! I prefer the Caramel because I didn\’t really taste the Vanilla. Maybe I\’ll ask for extra next time…Lol

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