All But ONE? I Can’t Pick ONE! Only ONE (I Think)

This week I am swapping with a Lady who has been an amazing support to me across the board. I don’t care what Social Media Network I am on she is there to give whatever support is needed: A Like, A Comment, A Heart or even the ever coveted +1! I can always count on Echo from Domain of A Mad Mommy. The total bonus? Now I get to answer her amazing questions for this week’s #AskAwayFriday and you get to stop by her place and see how she answers mine..



What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…
#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers! By offering a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world! Now to welcome our wonderful #AskAwayFriday hosts… NEWAskAwayFridayHost550

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Suzanna from One Hoolie Mama! AskAwayFriday
Suzanna is a wife and Mama to a crew of ‘hooligans’ (hence her awesomely cool Blog Name) including the adorable Baby D and her Fur Babies. She loves chocolate, a sip of wine here and there and all things running, photography and newbie crafting…we highly suggest you head over and visit her at One Hoolie Mama


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On To The Questions…!

Only One

AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy1. What is your favorite thing about blogging so far?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Definitely the community and friends I have made. From the very start I have always been embraced by and supported by an amazing set of Bloggers and I know that I could never be where I am now without that. Since beginning this Blogger journey I have definitely learned that it’s all bout support of one another. That is the only way to be not only a success but a part of a community.
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy2. If you had to give up all of your social media except for one. Which one would you keep?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
All But One? Goodness. The SITSGirls asked something similar today during the SummerLove Social and I wasn’t able to choose just one. I had a tie between Twitter and Instagram. I love twitter because I am able to start mini conversations with some of my favorite Bloggers and a lot of New ones as well. Then Instagram also has a piece of my heart as well because it uses one of my favorite mediums – photos – and I have found that I can connect and share effectively there as well. Hmm…all but one? *I am literally closing my eyes and doing eeeeny meeeny miney mo* Twitter I pick Twitter. LOL
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy3. I know you enjoy your Starbucks! What is your all time favorite Starbucks order?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Oh yes I do! I am actually finding a whole new menu to explore with the summer being here. I started my Starbucks love affair in the fall with my all time favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte yet now that I have been introduced to the Caramel Frappucino, Iced Macchiatos, Refreshers and most recently the Peach Green Tea Lemonade I’m sorry there is just no way. I Can’t Pick ONE!

AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy4. Let’s discuss something very important. PB&Js. Is your peanut butter chunky or creamy? Also, what is your    jelly of choice?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Haha! Creamy, most definitely. Now this is a funny question to me because this past grocery trip Hubby grabbed a jar of Chunky and it is killing me. I don’t want to throw it out but I can’t stand the extra chewing it is making me do. Yeah, I’m a lazy eater. I know. So, I am trying to force The Teenager to finish it so I can get my normal peanut butter back ASAP.
As for jelly, I am a total smooth (jelly not jam) girl and I only like strawberry 🙂
AskAwayFriday with Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy | MrsTeeLovelLifeLaughter
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy5. You started Vlogging and your vlogs are wonderful! What made you take the step in the
vlogging direction?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Wow! Thanks I really appreciate that. I actually thought I would never be a ‘Vlogger’ because I am naturally rather shy. I was inspired by two of my Blogger BFFs – Mrs.AOK from Mrs.AOK, A Work In Progress and Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County. Penny did a Super Mommy Tag and that was my very first Vlog. I also watched Mrs.AOK for a few tips because I loved how real she was in her Vlogs. It wasn’t long before I was hooked.
I actually find that my shyness is gone on camera. Of course it’s a camera that is set up by me, for me and in a room with only me but I still feel totally comfortable. LOL  When I record I just imagine it as a face-to-face conversation with my Readers/Followers and myself. It makes it easier and takes a bit of the pressure off.
I’m actually having a mini Celebration as I type (it’s 2am folks…lol) this because I just saw that MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter on YouTube has made 200 Subscribers! I couldn’t be more excited!
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy6. I’m going to be mean. I’m taking away ALL of your shoes except 3 pairs. (I only own 3 pairs) What 3 are you going to keep? Show us!
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Oh Echo! This is beyond mean this is torture. I can’t even count how many shoes I actually have and now you want me to pick just 3? *Sidebar: you only own 3 pair? You’re good!
Okay I’m going to go the practical/logical route and say my Chucks, my favorite Pumps and finally a pair of flip wait crocs…Okay, flip flops and I hope slippers are not counted as shoes because I want those too…LOL 🙂
AskAwayFriday with Echo from Diary of a Mad Mommy
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy7. You get to pick any one celebrity chef to come cook for you and your husband. Who would be cooking for you and why?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Guy Fiorre. I love that he doesn’t really cook too many weird things. Most of it I can recognize and actually no what it is. I am a hungry girl time 10 but I am also really picky. I know crazy combination but it’s me. LOL I also know Guy could definitely cook to make my Hubby full and happy because he isn’t picky at all. A great salad and he is good to go.
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy8. Horseback Riding, Hiking or Mountain Biking. Which one would you prefer as an activity?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Ok, you have asked the most non-outdoorsie person  this question…LOL I think I would have to pick Horseback Riding because at least the horse would be doing all the manual labor. Hiking is too much walking and usually implies a wooded area which would most likely have bugs and rocks and well … not my thing. The same applies to the Mountain Biking – I can’t ride a normal bike much less one made for a mountain!
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy9. Your kids have quite the age range. What is your best piece of parenting advice?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad Mommy
Yes they do…LOL What was I thinking? 😀 Our family Kiddie ages are 21, 17, 15, 7, 5 and 3. I can say that having children in almost every stage of maturity and development does help me get my practice in as well as learn patience. I’m not sure if this is the best piece of advice but it is the best thing I have learned as a parent: Each Child Is Different. 
What you may have been able to do with one may not be effective with the next. I have so many personalities in each of my children if I tried to parent them all exactly the same it would be nothing less than chaos. Learn who you child is and parent that person.
AskAwayFriday Echo from Domain of a Mad Mommy10. Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Still blogging?
AskAwayFriday Echo of The Domain of a Mad MommyYes! I definitely see myself Blogging and actively pursuing this dream of mine called MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. I see my Blog as my passion and I have no intention on giving up on it. As long as my Readers read I will write.  



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12 thoughts on “All But ONE? I Can’t Pick ONE! Only ONE (I Think)

  • ssgannett

    Well they say that the third time is the charm…so here goes, I have actually left two comments on this post and they keep disappearing into the bloggy void! LOL! I have really been on kind of a green tea kick at home, mostly trying to kick the Mountain Dew habit. 🙂 I love the shoe choices, I am not sure that I would be able to pick only three! LOL! I finally subscribed to your YourTube channel, thought that I had done so months ago! So one more for ya! I would also have to choose the horseback riding, for I am not overly fond of bugs and most other things outdoorsy! LOL! Have a great weekend, Tiffany!
    My recent post Updates from Corntassle Cottage…

    • MrsTee Post author

      Green Tea! The only one I\’ve liked so far is the new Peach Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks…and that\’s probably because it\’s flavored a bit. I know it is healthy for you though so way to go!OOOh Mt. Dew is my weakness! I just had one! LMBO 😀 Girl picking 3 was so hard! I so wanted to add a pair of Crocs in the mix! Yay! Thanks so much I hope you like what you see… NEW Vlog coming up soon you\’ll get to see me getting my Summer Do Done 🙂 Stay Tuned! You too Stacey, thanks for visiting me!

  • spiritedlife

    Such a wonderful reply! Thanks for reminding me about your vlog. I've been meaning to get over there, but haven't yet. I've wanted to vlog myself, but when do you find the time? Especially a time that you look good. I guess for everyone else, it's probably at least twice a week. I look nice on Sundays and that's pretty much it! Also the editing! I'll have to ask you more about that too. I'm not outdoorsy either, but horseback riding definitely seems like the "easiest" and cleanest out of the three!
    My recent post Just the Right Temperature {Turtlemeter by Ozeri Review}

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! Oh yes, I would love to have you visit my Channel… you should do one. I started with a tag because it\’s much like an AskAwayFriday by Vlog you have questions so you don\’t have to worry about trying to come up with what to talk about. It\’s a great way to get your Vlogging feet wet 🙂 I try to post twice a week and usually record at night. LOL…I know what you mean about being dressed up. I actually do record on Sundays after church a lot but you don\’t need to be dressy. Just be yourself. The real you. 😀 Oh yes, I don\’t like bugs so horses are probably my safest bet. LOL

  • Sonya K

    Every time I read about PB&J on your blog it makes me want one. I was team smooth PB before I started noticing it was making me itchy. I love all jam and jellies though, but strawberry is one of my favorites.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Hahaha! That\’s funny. Go on and get one 🙂 I have at least one a week…at least! I only like jell..i can\’t get with the chunks in jams.. Thanks for coming by Sonya.. hope you have a great weekend!

  • Ana Lynn Amelio

    Definitely smooth peanut butter here too, but I prefer grape jam or plum. Very cruel on social media but I am like Echo and have only 3 pairs of shoes: 2 pairs of boots and one pair of spring/summer shoes. Much to my husband's dismay I can't wear high heels.
    My recent post Monthly Check-In: June

    • MrsTee Post author

      Smooth is definitely the best Ana! Oooh plum? I\’ve never even heard of that one…worth a taste though I\’m sure! I don\’t think I could ever survive on only 3 pairs of shoes so kudos to you both! I\’m a shoe addict and I love my heels!

  • tamaralikecamera

    Ah, so cruel about the social media and the shoes! Good old Chucks would make the cut here too. And I'd probably save Facebook. It sucks for networking professionally but it's wear people from all walks of life are all hanging out. It's weird but I love it.
    Chunky peanut butter. I always wonder if anyone actually buys that! I don't.
    My recent post In Which I’m Interviewed By a Sports Reporter.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Yes, Echo was definitely putting me to the test with those! True about Facebook, I\’ve only just started interacting more over there but you can reach so many different people.
      Chunky, nah only by accident! LOL 😉

  • irkedmommy

    Fantastic answers! I love it! I love all of the bonds of friendship and community that I have made through blogging.

    Yes, 3 pairs. A pair of sneaks, a pair of boots and my funeral/wedding shoes (wedges).

    Creamy and strawberry jelly ALL THE WAY! Love it!

    I hope that both of us are still blogging in the future! My answers to your questions go live at midnight! Thank you so much for swapping with me!
    My recent post Potty Training For The Last Time

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks Echo! You gave me some really great questions that I was able to have a lot of fun with! That shoe one definitely got me… I\’m still not sure of my 3…LOL

      I think we will be, you seem to have a lot of passion for what you do and that is definitely what it will take to last. I can\’t wait to see your answers! So happy we finally had a chance to swap 🙂