Take The Hate Out of Laundry With Wisk Deep Clean®

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Hello. My name is Tiffany and I hate laundry.  That’s right! I typed it! I hate laundry. Okay well I used to – for years. I remember the first time my Grandmother told me it was time I Do. My. Own. Laundry! I promise you I wasn’t ready but she made sure I learned. She showed me the how, taught me the when and of course I knew the why but the best thing she taught me about laundry was the what! What to use that is! Wisk® was her go-to detergent for all the tough, tougher and toughest stains in our home. Watching her pre-treat and wash all my crazy childhood stains helped me know that Wisk Deep Clean® would be my choice for my family years later.

Wisk ILoveMyWisk®

Congratulations Wisk®, 60 Years Is A Big Deal!

Since 1956, Wisk® has been making the chore of laundry less of hassle and more of an accomplishment.  Instead of hate for the task I see each stain as a challenge that Wisk® and I can take on. 60 years of keeping things clean is a big deal and Wisk® has done just that load after load! Yes, honestly most days I dread walking into my laundry room. The sorting, treating, folding…and ugh ironing! Still the after, the moment I stepped back and look at all those clean, fresh Stain Free clothes – it’s all worth it! Having Wisk Deep Clean® on hand takes away the hate of laundry – one load at a time.

My Grandmother started me on my laundry path over 20 years ago. She taught me having a plan is the best way to make doing things easier. Less Effort with More Results. I’ve always trusted Wisk® to handle all the stains in my laundry room but I haven’t always had the best plans for making it happen with less effort.  I decided it was time for a bit of reorganization in my laundry room starting with how we fight stains and Wisk Deep Clean® was the very first step in getting there.

Don’t Just Wash It, Wisk® It!

Wisk Deep Clean® Original

There’s always something about an Original. The scent and the power of Wisk Deep Clean® Original has everything I loved about Wisk® growing up watching my Grandmother with the added benefits of today’s Deep Clean® technology.  This detergent goes beyond surface stains and gets deep into the fabric of your clothes to get rid of the body oils and sweat we can’t even see.

Wisk Deep Clean® Oxi Complete®

We all need reinforcements at times and that’s exactly what Wisk Deep Clean® Oxi Complete® is for me when it comes to my whites. The power of oxygen and the always capable stain lifting power of Wisk® let’s me know that even my dingiest whites can be made bright again. The patented Micro-Cleaners® in every bottle help to eliminate the deep down sweat and odors my Kiddies seem to produce in abundance!

*Wisk Deep Clean® Oxi Complete® is safe to use in both standard and HE machines. Be sure to follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly.

Wisk Deep Clean® Free & Pure

My youngest daughter has very sensitive skin and Wisk Deep Clean® Free & Pure with no dyes or perfumes give me the tool to make sure her clothes get the same clean as everyone else without any irritation to her skin. If you have a sensitive skin issue in your home you can order Wisk Deep Clean® Free & Pure HERE.


As a mom to three very busy and active kids, it’s great to know that not even my Kiddies’ sweaty basketball t-shirts, grass stained baseball pants, dirty dance tights or dingy Taekwondo uniforms stand a chance against the power of Wisk Deep Clean®!

Wisk Aisle

One Stop Shopping At It’s Best!

Walmart is always my first stop for everything from groceries, household supplies, clothes and so much more. I knew when I decided I was going to take on a Laundry Room Reorganization Project I would be able to find everything I needed all in one stop. I easily found Wisk Deep Clean® Oxi Complete® as well as a bottle of Wisk Deep Clean® Original in the laundry detergent aisle. Now it was time to start brainstorming!

I started trying to think how my kids learn most things – in levels. Hard, Harder, Hardest. Easy, Easier, Easiest. So why not teach them how to sort out stains using the same principal? Tough, Tougher, Toughest. That was it! I had the idea and now I just needed to find everything to make it happen. Giving my Kiddies a way to let me know which stains were Tough, Tougher and most importantly Toughest would not only cut back on my hate of all things laundry but also the time it takes me to actually get it done.


Tough, Tougher, Toughest – Sorting It Out!

Calling on my inner crafty-nista (yup – that’s my word…you know you like it!) and the storage, organization and craft departments of my local Walmart I came up with a way to make sorting out my Kiddies’ tough, tougher and toughest laundry stains fun and easy! Starting with a 3 bin laundry sorter, some really great chalkboard signs, mini chalkboard banners, a couple chalk markers and a few little accents this project was well on it’s way to becoming a reality.

Wisk DIY Stain Sorting System

My DIY Tough, Tougher, Toughest Stain Sorting System

Wisk DIY Video

First I assembled the Laundry Sorter according to it’s instructions. It had a few more parts and pieces than I anticipated but with a bit of time and a few reads of the directions tada we had a sorter!
Wisk Laundry System Assembled
After the sorter was all put together I took my Chalk Markers and wrote out Tough, Tougher and Toughest on each of my three Chalkboards. I decided to include a few examples of what I see as a tough, tougher and toughest to help my Kiddies along with where to put what.
Wisk Chalk Signs
Next I used normal office supply push pins to hang my chalkboards above the laundry sorters and added the cute mini clothes pins I found as a little added detail.
Wisk Chalk Hangings
Lastly I created three smaller signs using the chalk markers and small chalkboard banners. I took the string that came with them and slipped them through the mesh holes of the laundry sorter to have an extra reminder for my younger and shorter Kiddies.
Wisk Tough Tougher Toughest Banners
I wasted no time putting this sorter to work. I explained why we were sorting and how and they totally got it! Now I have a great way for my Kiddies to sort out their Tough, Tougher and Toughest stains and let Wisk Deep Clean® do the rest.
Wisk Bin Sort Child1
WIsk Completed Sort System

How do you take the hate out of your laundry?

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16 thoughts on “Take The Hate Out of Laundry With Wisk Deep Clean®

    • MrsTee Post author

      You my friend are an anomaly. The machine does do the manual labor but something about that folding and all…LOL Perhaps I am the odd one? 🙂

  • @Reese22

    I seriously LOVE those signs! You did a fabulous job! I need one of those sorters for our laundry. When you have a four year old, ACU's and an immense amount of workout cloths, sorting by wash preference is a MUST! Very creative!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks so much!! Oh trust me I can relate. My Hubby is retired and we were stationed in Hawaii where red clay was the stain to beat! 😀 Thanks again…

  • Alison

    Whisk is such a great brand of detergent – it smells great and it's very affordable in comparison to some other brands and I personally, can't say that I've noticed others cleaning any better. I often have Whisk in my laundry room. For me laundry is a terrible, awful chore — it's not the washing or the drying or the sorting or even the folding that get's me…it's the putting away — we tend to live out of laundry baskets because I rarely ever actually get things back in the closet or drawers

    • MrsTee Post author

      Yes it is Alison! I love the scent and it always brings back childhood memories. Oh the putting away is no fun. I type this as I have 3 loads waiting for me to do just that…LOL I should probably get on that since it’s almost time to wash 3 more loads 😉

  • Tami @ ThisMomsDelight

    I try to sort my clothes, but it's not always the case. However, stains are a big nuisance in my house, so I try to watch for those on a daily basis. Wisk is a good stain remover.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Yes, Sorting is something that definitely adds to the job but finding stains sooner rather than later makes it worth it I think. Wisk definitely is a good stain remover! Thanks so much for coming by Tami 🙂

  • Natasha

    I've never used Whisk, but I like a detergent that smells yummy! The smell of detergent can certainly draw up childhood memories! Thanks for sharing!

  • Paula Schuck

    Oh wow. I can't believe that Wisk is 60 years old! I knew it was old, but I didn't know it was that old. Happy birthday, Wisk! I love that it's go an oxiboost variety now. I know lots of people think the oxy thing is a gimmick, but it's really not. I've had great success with oxy powered laundry detergent, and now I get to have it with Wisk. Yay!

    • MrsTee Post author

      I know right!?!? I could hardly believe it either!! Oxy power is definitely worth using. I can already see the difference in my whites being whiter… Yay! I know you\’ll love it! Thanks for coming by Paula!