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How many times do we hear stories of marriages ending and sadly we are sometimes not even phased.

Unfortunately this has become the new norm. A couple may have been married for just a few years, or maybe even 20, 30, 40 years. Now they are done, and filing irreconcilable differences. This sad reality is even more prevalent when we are talking about people in the spotlight like entertainers or athletes.

We have to be proactive and put in the work when it comes to protecting our marriages. We can’t just sit back and expect to get by on our love alone. We don’t live in a Disney movie and there is no happily ever after, unless we create it. So here I want to share with you 4 ways to protect your marriage.

4 Ways To Protect Your Marriage from Sherri of God Life Happy Wife | MrsTeeLove Life Laughter

  1. Build on a strong foundation-Just like a house our marriages have to be built on something strong so they don’t collapse under the pressure. I suggest building on the foundation of God. There is no one stronger! Also with God if your marriage didn’t originally start out on a strong foundation through Him, you can start all over again.That’s guaranteed hope for the future.
  2. Spend quality time together– I know this is not always easy because once you become married, then here comes all the other responsibilities like work, kids, and finances. These three things alone will keep you completely overwhelmed to the point you are a stranger to your spouse, but we must cherish this time together.

It so important to plan and keep our date nights whether they are big or small. It allows for a time closeness and intimacy with your spouse without focusing on the worries of the world. Plus when you keep date nights as a priority think about the example you are setting for your children. You are showing them exactly what comes first.

  1. Guarding your hearts from outside influences– There are so many negative influences out there that can totally destroy our marriages. Some things are clear and obvious like our interaction with the opposite sex, but other things are subtle and can sneak up on us like social media and the internet.

Other influences can even come from our own friends and family members. These are times that we have to remember to put our supposes first. We must remember to respect our spouses and our marriages through all that we say and do.

  1. Guarding your marriage from yourself-This one is the hardest of them all, because it causes us to have to self reflect. Then we have to admit that we are wrong and in need of a change. This is never easy but is definitely necessary.

Often times we are unaware of the things that we do or say that can completely affect our marriage. We may be looking to our spouses and listing all the ways that they need to change, but first we need to take a good look in the mirror at ourselves. Always seek for ways to improve yourself that will ultimately be a benefit to your marriage.

These are just a few of the many ways that I personally learned to protect my marriage. We need to fight for our marriages. If we don’t who else will?

It won’t always be easy but the results are lifelong.

I am so glad to be able to share today as a guest writer with MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.

Be Blessed!


SummerProfileRound150Thank YOU Sherri for sharing with us such important ways to protect the sanctity and success of our marriages. You are so right that in these time we sometimes daily to acknowledge how important it is to protect that which you have invested not only your love in but your vows as well.

How do you protect your marriage from the onsets of outside influences?

Do you set time aside to be together as a couple?

Come by tomorrow when my next BloggerBFF Mrs.AOK from Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress helps give us a great way to fight the Boredom from setting in this summer. I promise you will find it worthy of the click!

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