ACCESSorize & Make A Statement One Piece At A Time!

I know we’ve all heard or seen the description ‘Statement Piece’ when browsing our favorite Jewelry Sites.  Yet I didn’t always fully understand what that meant.  So I did a bit of searching and this is what I noticed:

A ‘Statement Piece’ is an ACCESSory that is…


It does exactly that it makes a clear undeniable statement
whether it be
I am Modern, I am Vintage or I am Modern.


The piece is usually large and has enough presence
to stand alone as a piece.


These pieces usually have a twist to the normal appearance.  Whether that be colors you wouldn’t normally see together or even materials and shapes that may not match but do compliment.


A piece of this sort can be a necklace, a ring or earrings.  These pieces are enough to stand alone and definitely need little interpretation as to their purpose.

I used to be a bit intimated by the term and idea of a ‘Statement Piece’.  I felt I was too petite, too simple and honestly a bit too naive as to what was ‘in style’ to carry it out.  This was all before I decided to start my journey to ACCESSorizing My Inner Fashionista…because guess what?  She’s ready to make a Statement and what better time than now?

So, I decided to let go of all my hestiations and try a true Statement Piece thanks to (my favorite ACCESSory site 🙂 )  This week I made my own Statement with the Royal Multi-Jeweled Dropped Statement Necklace.



The BOLD colors, the IMPRESSIVE jewels and the DISTINCT look of this piece were definitely going to help me make a Statement and ACCESSorize my Inner Fashionista.  But How?

The dilemma I had, and that most women making their first venture into pieces like this, was what to pair it with?  When wearing a Statement Piece you never want to overwhelm people with your jewelry and with a Statement Piece you always want IT to be the focus.

So I went simple.  A woman’s favorite -GoTo- The Simple Black Dress.


When wearing a Statement Piece you don’t always have to dressed up.  I paired a great denim jacket with this simple black dress and let the Royal Multi-Jeweled Dropped Statement Necklace did the rest!

So the next time you see ‘Statement Piece’ in the description of a great piece of jewelry…fear not…Head over to and take your first clicks to…

 “ACCESSorize Your Inner Fashionista…One Piece At A Time”


Click HERE to check out my Make A Statement VLOG…



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