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Day 2 of The All American Tattoo Convention started bright and early. Okay it was 10 am but for me on a weekend that’s kinda early to be somewhere – but I made it with about 8 minutes to spare! I’m so glad I did because today was the day of the VIP Meet & Greet and my chance to start my Quick Style Interviews with a few of the artists from the convention.

Meet & Greet

I walk in the door and got super easy and quick access due to my trust VIP Badge and arm band. Can I just say this whole VIP treatment thing is something I could kinda get used to? Anyways, the Meet & Greet was a chance to meet some of the All Start Tattoo Artists attending the convention and get a chance for Selfies, Autographs and a bit of chill time. I soaked up every minute of it and had a blast.

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Quick Style Interviews

Once the Meet & Greet was dwindling down I made my way back to the Expo Hall to try and get a few of my interviews out of the way before the crowds attacked arrived. Last night I say down and came up with 3 main questions to ask each artist and a few to adjust according to the feel I got during the interview.

What was your first tattoo?

Why or How did you know you wanted to be a tattoo artist?

If you could have a piece done by any artist – dead or alive – who would it be?

That last question seemed to take everyone by surprise which was my intent. I had so much fun watching their reactions and hearing their answers. I’m going to give you a bit of info on the artists I got to interview today with links to follow, stalk – you know whatever. Then at the end of the post check out my Vlog from today to hear their answers as well as get a full Follow Me look at Day 2 of The All American Tattoo Convention!

Jac Bryan | Jac Bryan Tattoo – Traveling Tattoo Artist

Jac Bryan is an amazing artist who just happens to be a bit camera shy. I thought his art was so great and deserved a shout out no matter what so I actually did his interview the old fashioned way with pen a paper. Jack is a realist tattoo artist who can take your ideas for a piece and bring them from a thought to reality. Be sure to check his website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are Jac’s answers to my Quick Style Interview questions . . .

What was your first tattoo?

“Dirk with a scarf because of my heritage.”

Why or How did you know you wanted to be a tattoo artist?

“I’ve always been an artist. I didn’t really know I wanted to tattoo until it happened.”

If you could have a piece done by any artist – dead or alive – who would it be?

Bob Tyrrell (Check out who he is HERE)

*I added a few Bonus questions for Jac . . .

Why should I pick you for my next tattoo?

“If you’re looking for a bad ass black and grey piece – I’m Your Guy!”

Why did you come to The All American Tattoo Convention?

I was in the area as a Guest Tattoo artist and this convention seemed to be sick plus they stand for some really good causes.”

Damien Lugo | Brighter Shade Tatoo – Fayetteville, NC

My first interview was with Damien Lugo of Brighter Shade Tattoo. When I first met him yesterday I was so excited to find out that his shop is actually located right here in Fayetteville! It’s at 308 Hay Street Downtown above the Blue Moon Cafe – that’s a bit of a hint for my locals to give Damien a visit and let him know TheMrsTee sent you! Oh and while you’re at it check out some of his work from the Convention over on Facebook and Instagram!

Alex, Carlos, Bruce & Brandi | Best Ink of Fayetteville – Fayetteville, NC

Next up was one I was super excited about because it as unexpected and it included getting to chat with my own tattoo artist – Alex Diaz! Alex works at Best Ink of Fayetteville along with Carlos, Bruce, Brandi and Michael who I wasn’t able to interview today. The shop is located at 2180 Skibo Road and this shop is definitely living up to it’s name! Check out their work and a bit more on the shop on their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram. Best Ink Artist Carlos actually racked up a few Awards during the first two days of the Convention . . .



Brian | #Mission22 “United In The War Against Veteran Suicide

My next interview was one I knew I had to make happen. During my exploration of the Expo on Day 1 I noticed this booth and instantly remember seeing the hashtag #MISSION22 during a time when a Veteran we knew and loved made a decision that changed things forever. I knew I wanted to learn more about what #Mission22 stand for and works for because it means so much. You can find out more information on the Mission22 website, Facebook and Instagram.

Once you hear what Brian shares about #Mission22, I know you will understand that suicide prevention among our Veterans is necessary!

Lady Fugate | Ambition Tattoo – Knoxville, TN

If you saw yesterday’s video {if you haven’t ahem –> watch it here} you know that I pretty much walked the entire Expo searching for artists who were local, caught my eye and peaked my interest – well Lady Fugate of Ambition Tattoo was one that definitely caught my eye. She is the lone artist at her booth and she was female. Also her tats were kinda awesome!  I knew I wanted to interview her for sure. Once I got past screwing up her last name – which she was totally cool about BTW – her interview proved to be one I was glad I had the chance to do. Check out her Website and Instagram.

Lewis | Operation Tattooing Freedom | Inking A New Future For Veterans

Meeting and speaking with Lewis from Operation Tattooing Freedom is something I’m honestly having a hard time putting into words. The cause itself is one focused on giving Veterans an outlet for feelings they at time feel no one can handle but them. Yet through the art of tattoos and talking to a fellow Vet this process can not only bring healing but freedom. My words still fail to express the impact of what Lewis has and can do through Operation Tattooing Freedom so I’ll let you hear his own words in the video. Once you watch feel free to learn even more on the Website, Facebook and Instagram.

La Tonia | T2U Studio – They Come To YOU!

Meet La Tonia! She is the owner and artist behind T2U Studio a Makeup, Hair AND Tattoo Studio! La Tonia handles the tats and her partner Kaila handles the hair and makeup! The thing that caught my attention about T2U is although they are based out of Virginia Beach, VA they are artists who will travel to you! T2U does private events and functions where you can make tattoo art something you and your guests can experience together! Make sure you visit her on her website to learn more and follow T2U on Facebook, Instagram.

Zakk Boyer – Piercer | American Tattoo Society – Fayetteville, NC

We all tattoos are all about the artist but did you realize there is an art behind piercing as well? There is and Zakk Boyer has mastered it. He started experimenting with his love of all things pierced as young as 12 but over the years it has grown into a passion for the history, art and culture. I can’t wait for you to hear how he answers my questions in the video! Follow Zakk on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget Zakk is a part of the All American Tattoo Society family so be sure to check them on their Facebook and Instagram.

Ryan | All American Tattoo Society Shop Owner & All American Tattoo Convention Promotor

I was so excited when I was told I would have the chance to have one of my Quick Style Interviews with on of the Masterminds behind The All American Tattoo Convention. Let’s face it having the passion, drive and know-how to pull off a convention of this size and quality is no easy thing. Yet Ryan has done it above and beyond. So much so that it was announced during Saturday’s event that The All American Tattoo Convention will be back in 2018 and it’s staying right here in Fayetteville, NC! Find out more about the why and how behind the convention and what’s to come in Ryan’s full interview. Follow The All American Tattoo Convention on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus be sure to visit their website.

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