#AskAwayFriday: Blogger To Blogger With Amber ~ The Bold Fab Mom

I am so glad to be participating in another week of #AskAwayFriday.  We’re connecting Blogger to Blogger again and this week I am so excited to be exchanging questions with one of the Original Blogger to Blogger ummm Bloggers… my friend Amber from TheBoldFabMom.com  


First let’s take a moment to congratulate Amber

on recently obtaining her OWN DOMAIN!!!  

Congrats Amber we all know that can be a big step for any Blogger!

Amber and Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County were the 2 Original Bloggers who exchanged questions for the 1st Blogger to Blogger !  Who’d think nearly 4 weeks later it would have grown so much?!  I’m so grateful to them both for starting such a cool exchange and beginning point for new Blogger Friendships. Despite her being the one of the first Blogger to Blogger Bloggers (is that right? yeah that’s right…I think) I actually met Amber through Twitter and seeing her posts on several different Blog Hops and Link Ups (including the Original Version of #AskAwayFriday so yes folks they really do work!) I was drawn to her simply because of her funny, friendly and always uplifting personality.  If you need to laugh or get a pick up on a not so cheerful day Amber is the one you can count on.  From simply being a great and supportive #BloggerBFF to being willing to embark on a silly challenge of posting #duckfaceselfies (Here’s Mine) on Instagram Amber is just a fun friend and definitely  The Bold Fab Mom.

*Insert Duh Moment Here: When I asked Amber to swap questions for this week’s #AskAwayFriday I was totally unaware that she was the same Amber who started this swap with Penny.  It wasn’t until I started reading her site more in depth that I kept saying to myself.. “Amber…Amber…I know I’ve read more about her somewhere else.”  {Insert Chuckles, Giggles and Laughter HERE}

This is when I hopped over to Penny’s site and did a search for ‘Blogger to Blogger’ and sure enough it was the same Amber who Penny swapped with for the Original Blogger to Blogger.  Needless to say I felt just a lil bit silly but I still wanted to go ahead with our swap because I truly dig Amber as a person and a Blogger…

Now back to our previously scheduled post…

Amber’s site is one dedicated to DIY Projects, Crafts, Reviews and Giveaways.  She’s also sweet enough to throw in some really great stories about her life as a Mommy to her little boy and her pregnancy with her next little one on the way.  My favorite post is her story of how she was attempting to relieve her pregnancy heartburn with a bit of  fresh coconut milk in “My Journey With Mr. Coconut”.  I was literally laughing out loud as she describes how she was trying to figure out how to get into the coconut…but I’ll let you read it for yourself…So Go Check It Out !

Now to the questions! Here are the questions Amber set up for me to answer.  Once you finish getting to know a bit about me from inside Amber’s mind… go here and check out what I asked Amber!  I promise you’ll wonder a bit and laugh…



1.     Why did you start blogging?

  • I had been told several times by several people that I should start a blog.  I had always loved to write and kept journals since 3rd or 4th grade so that came naturally.  I took the step into blogging because I wanted to have an outlet for my thoughts that would actually get feedback from people.
  • I wanted a place to be creative as well as meet and interact with other creative people. Being a SAHM can be a bit isolating at times so even though Blogging is not personal interaction it helps with that.
  • Lastly, I also wanted a way to offer a source of income to my household and still be able to stay home with my Kiddies.  I haven’t reached the point where my Blog is actually bringing in a steady income yet but I see the potential in view 🙂

2.     Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?

  • Ummm…no.  LMBO!  I had one as a kid but was only ever able to solve like one side.  No genius abilities here.

rubiks cube

Image Source

3.     If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?

  • That one is so easy! SheRa Princess of Power!  I have loved her since I can remember AND I totally have the Best Of Collector Series DVD (and yes I bought it as an Adult…LOL)
  • I had the figurine with the sword and everything…she was the partner series for He-Man!

photo (89)

4.     What is your biggest fear?

  • For something to happen to me and I leave my Kiddies without their Momma.

5.     If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  • Hmmm….Puerto Rico! I’ve always wanted to go there…

6.     Who is your favorite actor and actress?

  • Actor: Johnny Depp – He is very versatile and has the ability to totally absorb the character of whatever role he is taking on.  I also love that he is never boxed in to any one kind of genre.  He can handle comedy, drama, musical, almost anything.


Image Source

  • Actress: Sandra Bullock – I love her comedy work of course, but when I saw her in movies like A Time To Kill, Practical Magic and The Blind Side and fell in love with her dramatic and serious acting skills.


Image Source


7.     What is your favorite dessert?

  • My Aunt D-Dot’s Southern Style Banana Pudding… #YumYummy

8.     What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in life?

  • I’m actually still learning the biggest lesson which I believe is to be comfortable enough with yourself that if no one else is ok with who you are You Are.

9.     How do you think others would describe your personality?

  • That’s really a tough one for me to answer.  I would like to think people see me as I try to be a happy, loving and supportive person.  I know at times my own insecurities tend to blur that image but I am truly working on that.

10.   Are you a better singer, dancer, or cook?

  • LMBO! I would love to say singing but in reality it’s probably more likely that I’m a better cook.

How did you enjoy getting to know me through Amber’s questions?  They were really interesting and some of them a bit intriguing, huh?  Now it’s time to click over and see what I asked Amber!

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