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This week I get to exchange with the lovely April from 100lbCountdown.  April is a Wife, Mother and most of all a strong Woman who, when faced with life’s challenges, difficulties and various obstacles stood strong and decided to push her way through.


In her push she started her Blog 100lbCountdown to help chronicle her life and her determination to loose 100lbs of weight both physical and emotionally.  Join her and her journey, I promise you will not only be inspired but encouraged to take life on your own terms and start your own Countdown to change.

So, let’s get down to what #AskAwayFriday is all about…Asking & Answering:


As #TeamHaywood, you have six children to care for.
I’m sure that schedules get complicated and difficult.
What activities are your children involved in?
Two member of our Team are actually outside the home-my 2 handsome step-sons.  We did have a full house while in Hawaii and that was definitely a full-time adventure to say the least.  Schedules, activities, homework, attitudes, moods…the fun never ended! 🙂
Now I have 4 in the house including my 17 year old Teenager and we still never have a dull day. Living in a house with a 17, 7, 5 and 3 year old is always busy, always entertaining and most definitely always full of adventure.  Learning how to handle and manage so many different personalities can be a challenge but I love every moment of it.  Some of the many activities we are involved with are Marching Band, Children’s Church (the Teenager Teaches), Children’s Choir (the Kiddies sing), Dance, Girl Scouts and whatever activity I can find for FREE around our community. Keeping Kiddies active is key to keeping my sanity…LOL
Although it may mean a busy set of Parents it also means less cries of “I’m Bored!” and an always stimulated mind.
One of my besties live in Hawaii.
What did you like most about where you were stationed?
(Bonus for pictures)
Oh I miss my Aloha Home! It was definitely a life adventure but one that I would never trade.  I loved being stationed on Oahu because the people of Hawaii truly take Aloha way beyond a word or even a greeting.  It is their way of life.  I loved it.  We fell in love with the beaches, mountain side views and amazing malls!  😀
By the time we left it felt like home.  I no longer felt like a tourist or a visitor, we were home.
I love your fairly new series of #828Blessings,
where you have people share their stories of encouragement.
What is your biggest blessing since starting?
I’ve had many Blessings since beginning the #828Blessings Series but the biggest one would have to be the impact it has had on those who have come by to share, support and even just spend a while with me there.
Through their words of encouragement and even testimony or relation to what I have written I have received strength, joy, and even the will to keep going when I felt that perhaps it wasn’t ‘succeeding’ according to most standards.  Still, when I felt the leading to start it the reason wasn’t for numbers, stats or clicks but instead for the reach it could have to someone in passing who may simply need a word or someone who has ‘been there’ at that moment in time.
I am thankful for the opportunity and the platform to do so.
I have three children and sometimes I feel like days are never ending.
With six children, what do you do to get through those tough days,
where bedtime doesn’t seem to come fast enough?
Well since there are only 4 in home right now it is a bit more manageable but most times I give them a self-contained activity (coloring, reading, drawing, etc.) so that I can get a few moment to regroup.  At times it may be something as simple as enough time for me to take a hot shower.  That time alone give me a bit of a refresher and enough energy and mental stamina to make it to bedtime 😀
What are your three must haves in the kitchen?
Haha!  I cook because it is necessary and because I am always hungry and would be broke otherwise.  No more, no less. 😀
For this reason my three Must Haves would be:
  1. A fridge
  2. A microwave
  3. A stove/oven
I know that you are a Christian woman…
what advice do you give to keep your marriage strong?
In marriage there are many things that can impact you failure or success including your mindset when you take those initial vows.  They are taken before God and man but you have to mean them within yourself.  If you take that first step lightly then the foundation you are building on is not secure.
In my marriage through the ups, downs, bads and goods (yes we have all of them) I always go back to those vows.  Better or Worse, Sickness and Health….Death Do Us Part.  These are not light commitments and keeping them isn’t easy but it is worth it.  I do it with God’s help.  THrough prayer, supplication and most of all humility.
In any relationship knowing and admitting when you are wrong is key.  You can never be wrong all the time but you can’t be right always either.  When you see your wrong, admit it.  Apologize sincerely and try your best not to do the same thing again.  Whether the other person realizes it or not acknowledging that you can be humble enough to say “I’m Sorry” or “I was wrong” is a major indication of your ability to forgive them when their time comes.
What attracts you most to your husband?
His constant and never failing desire to protect, provide and improve upon us both as individuals and as a family.  He never gives up on us…any of us.  He will always go beyond himself to be certain that we are happy.  At times without a lot of thought to himself.  It can be easy to forget to say Thank You but it is key.  I try to as much as I can in both words and actions and to teach my Kiddies to do the same.  All that he does he definitely does it In The Name Of Love.
Did your husband do anything to “woo” you?
If so, tell us about it.
Nope!  I pursued him.  I saw him.  He intrigued me.  I approached and asked for his number.  He thought I was some young silly little thing but I didn’t go away.  I was happy as friends because we both were in rehab from past hurts and failed loves.  Still our love was meant to be…take a peak at our Love Story
I’m a reality TV junkie. Do you watch reality TV?
If so, what do you watch?
I’ve just gotten into watching Duck Dynasty as well as Wahlburger!  I think they are both hilarious!  I am not what I would describe as a ‘junkie’ but I do get a kick out of them every now and then.
What’s your favorite room in your house?
Why? (Bonus for pictures!)
My favorite room is most definitely my Bedroom!  We have come so far from where we used to be.  God has truly blessed us.  We used to live in a 1 bedroom apartment where the Kiddies (just our 3 boys then) had a bunk bed and we slept in what was technically the living room.  It wasn’t easy.  Our bed was small and all we would both daydream about was having a King Sized bed where all the Kiddies could climb in if they wanted but where we could feel comfortable as well.  We finally got there…


Now it’s time for you to head over to see April at 100lbCountdown and see what questions I had in store for her this week.  Thinking about finding a partner and joining in on the #AskAwayFriday fun yourself?

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