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The Bold Fab Mom
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This week is not only my 1st week as a Permanent Host for #AskAwayFriday but it is also giving me a great opportunity to stalk umm err chat with one of my favorite Bloggers, Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life.  Michelle is an amazing Blogger who has the ability to offer wonderful advice about parenting, recipes, social media, products and so much more while still being an awesome Support to her fellow Bloggers.


Take a moment, Click HERE and open a tab to go visit Michelle and check out her answers to my questions as soon as you finish checking out her questions for me.



I know you love your truck,
while I am a nervous Nellie about driving my husband’s.
What kind of truck do you drive now,
and what would your dream truck be?
Right now I have an Infinity QX56.  I Love It!  It seats 8 which is enough room for our entire Team of Kiddies plus a couple friends if need be.
Funny thing is my Dream Truck would actually still be my Infinity QX56 but I would just like to have the 2010 model in a different color.


Did you watch the Superbowl this weekend? Who were you rooting for? And the big question…which was your favorite commercial and why?!
Nope.  We are so not the sports fanatic family.  Hubby doesn’t even watch sports and I have no interest besides when my Teenager is marching and that only grabs me at the start and at half-time 😀
I didn’t even see any of the commercials!  I know, shame on me.  Bad Blogger.  I am going to try to look some of them up that I have heard were great.
Psst!  Any suggestions on which ones I should look up?


You’re a mom to several teenagers…
I sometimes I think teenagers get a bad rap.
What is your favorite thing about having teenagers?
You’re right, most times they do.  Teenagers can be your biggest support especially when you have a mini-team of younger Kiddies running around.  There are many times where my oldest Teenager have been the babysitters and play buddies when Momma and/or Daddy simply needed a bit of Adult time.


Being a band mom is very much like being a sports mom in terms of the commitment required from both the kids and the family.
How do you  balance everything?
It’s not always easy.  Having other Kiddies in their own activities can definitely make it a real life juggling act.  I try to schedule everything and arrange each Kiddies activities around the each others schedules.
I’ve shared my passing frustrations with being a Band Mom HERE.  when your Kid signs up for Band Camp they are signing you up as well.  Band has practices, parades and something it seems like everyday!  Camp starts in the summer and from that point forward it is an endless commitment.
Note that I said ‘try’ when it comes to scheduling, there have been times where no matter how much scheduling I’ve done reality and simply human error have taken over.  Like this one time… yeah THAT was fun {insert sarcasm here}

You told me you just started our book The Mother of All Meltdowns.
Our hope in writing it was to let moms everywhere know that this happens to all of us!
What was your worst meltdown moment?
 Yes I have!  I am completely in love with our open and honest everyone is and it is always great to know you are not alone in your struggles whether they be funny or simply a bit overwhelming.
My worst meltdown? I would have to say when my oldest Girlie was around 3 and we were living in Hawaii.  We had been outside and were sitting down for dinner.  I was sitting to one side of her and my hubby was on her other side.  she began to say that her throat was itchy and I told her to drink some water.
Not even a minute later, my Hubby looks at me with this strange look and says in the calmest voice ever, “Don’t panic and DON’T look at her.  I need you to get the Kids ready we need to go to the Emergency Room.”  As he says this, I see him holding her wrist and taking her pulse (his Army training at it’s best).
Ok, now of course the first thing I do is get up to look at her.  I mean HELLO?!?!  You’re taking her PULSE!  We need an Emergency Room?!  When I got to the other side of her face the entire left side of my baby’s face was swollen…but her EAR!  Her EAR was nearly the size of my hand!!!  It was red and looked painful to the touch.  I immediately went into panic mode.
My Hubby:  “THIS is why I didn’t want you to look!”
Seriously!!!  I was running around the house like a crazy woman trying to get my newborn Buddie and my then 1 1/2 year old dressed and in the truck.  When I say her ear was swollen…it looked like that scene from the Will Smith movie when he ate peanuts and didn’t realize he had an allergy.  No EXAGGERATION!

I started bombarding Hubby with questions:  What was going on?  Is she alright?  WHY WAS HE TAKING HER PULSE!?!?!?
He kept telling me to calm down, everything would be fine, he wanted to be sure she wasn’t going into shock and that her airway wasn’t compromised.
OMGeee!  I think I was in a full panic attack all the way to the ER because I honestly don’t remember the ride there at all.  When we got there they rushed her through and gave her some Benadryl.  It turns out it was a reaction to some Hawaiian bug bite.
When I tell you those were the scariest and most nerve racking 30 minutes of my life!  Whew!  Hubby and I laugh at my reaction now but I was definitely in total Meltdown Mode!


What does a typical day look like for you? 
 Hmm..  A typical day starts around 5:45am when I wake up to have a bit of Prep Time to myself.  Then I start getting everyone else ready around 6am.  My Teenager is pretty much at the ‘reminder‘ phase where I just have to pop in every once in a while and ‘remind’ him that he has a bus to catch and needs to pick up the speed… LOL
In between the Teenager reminders, I bathe and get everyone else fed and go over any homework for any last minute errors or corrections.
Once everyone is dropped off my day is Blogging and Toddler playtime with a bit of errands and household upkeep mixed in.
Then comes School pick-up times and this is usually where the Activity Schedules come into play.  It’s a mix of Band, Dance, Choir, Girl Scout, Church meetings, etc. and most days I have at least two of these happening within 30 minutes of each other… 🙂
In all honesty though, I love it.  I love seeing my Kiddies busy and having social interactions and I love knowing that I can be there whenever they need me.


You recently became a fashion blogger for PrettyinPynk!
That is very exciting news!

How did that opportunity come about? What will you be doing for them?

 Yes!  I am so excited!  It all started when PrettyInPynk began following me on Twitter.  I looked into them, checked out the site and was instantly intrigued.  I have always been more of a tom boy but recently I have been trying to reach my Inner Fashionista and as I looked at all the jewelry and the different styles and collections I thought this could definitely be a way to help me find her. The fact that the name had Pynk in it was definitely a Bonus 🙂
So, I reached out to the website’s contact e-mail with an offer to either Review or Host a Giveaway.  After a bit of discussion and brainstorming of ideas we had a plan.  We would start in February with an amazing “Just For You” Valentine’s Day Giveaway offering one of the Collections Statement Pieces: A Bow Chain Necklace as a prize.
There are only 3 Days Left!
I will also be writing a monthly Fashionista Blog Post including my own Fashionista Collection which will be pieces I have Personally Selected.
I will also have a Weekly Feature of some of my favorite pieces through ACCESSorize Your Inner Fashionista…One Piece At A Time”
I am so blessed and excited to start this New Path of my Journey and I can’t wait to take all of you along with me! 🙂
I also saw you are a contributing writer to several other blogs.
What advice would you give people who are looking for expand their writing to other places?

Write from who you are and from a place of honesty.  I am so blessed to say that the Contributing Writer opportunities I have been given have come because I write from my life.  I don’t try to be someone else or tell anyone’s experiences but my own and with my own point of view…no matter how quirky it may be at times 😉


When did you start blogging, and how much time do you spend a day on your blog and social media accounts?
What’s your ultimate goal with your blog?
I started Blogging in July of 2013.  So I just turned 6 months old!  😀
I usually devote at least 2 hours off and on to Social Media (Comments, Pins, Supporting, Sharing, etc.).  It may actually total out to more than that since I am always replying and such through my phone throughout the day…Thank Goodness For iPhone Apps!
When it comes to actually writing a post it all can vary depending on whether it is a Review, Sponsored Post or written from the heart.  The Reviews and such always tend to take a lot longer (up to 2 hours) because I go through with the content, then images, editing and linking everything up.
A ‘from the heart‘ post is actually one of the quicker posts.  If the subject is something that has been weighing on me for a while it usually flows very easily so I could be done within 30 minutes.  I then go back through and create an image or button to match.  That can actually take longer than the post at times since I usually have to override my OCD to hit save and settle on a final version…LOL 😀


Ok…here’s my signature question…
What’s the best advice you ever gave or were given?
Great question!  The best advice I’ve ever been given was to forgive myself.  There were times that I allowed what I viewed to be as mistakes of my past to have an impact on my present and even my future.  I had to learn that those things I have in my past helped me become the woman I am today. Whether they were mistakes in others eyes or even my own they were there to teach me a lesson.  So I forgive myself, find the lesson and Move On!
Allowing my past to hinder my future is something I can’t allow anymore.  Instead I take away that power with forgiveness and force it to become the foundation for a better future.
Michelle had some really great questions for me this week and I had fun answering all of them.  Don’t forget to head over to A Dish of Daily Life and see what I wanted to know about Michelle.

Also, if you love #AskAwayFriday and would like to participate or Swap With Me in the future, feel free to drop me a message in the Comments, through my Contact Me or through any of the participating Bloggers and we’ll be sure to let you know how to get started and get connected.

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