He Blesses In Spite Of… #828Blessings {11}

heblessesThis week my son decided to participate in auditions for the All County Band.  We’ve actually known about the auditions for a while now but with his schedule being hectic and wanting to give himself a bit of a break he decided he wasn’t going to audition.  That is until his Band Director approached him and told him that along with the benefit of being able to list himself as an All County Band member on his college applications being a member would also qualify him to receive scholarships he would otherwise be ineligible for.

Go For It!

With this shove of knowledge he decided to go forward and audition.  The day of the Audition was a normal school day and they would be taking an activity bus to the auditions after classes.  I have never seen my son nervous about anything.  He is pretty much the kinda kid who takes things in stride and very rarely ‘breaks a sweat’ about things.  If they happen they happen if they don’t he keeps it moving.  I’ve always admired this trait in him being that I am the total opposite and worry, plan and think out things almost to no end.

Yet this morning was different.  He was visibly distracted and nervous.  When I approached him he said he didn’t feel he had a chance to prepare since he wasn’t going to audition in the beginning.  He felt he was going in at a disadvantage.  I told him it would be alright and to rely on his skills.  Inside I was praying what I said was true and that God would grant him favor and ease his mind.

I’m Nervous

Later that day I received a phone call.  It was my Teenager.  He was getting on the bus and I could hear his nerves.  I told him to do his best and that everything would work out.  Again while whispering an internal prayer for the same.

After a few hours I got a text saying he didn’t make it.  When I asked why he said he thought his nerves got the best of him and he made newbie mistakes.  He seemed disappointed but okay.   My Hubby left to pick him up and I started thinking of what to say to help him get over the disappointment.  Yet when they got back the smiling face that met me at the front door had no signs of failure or disappointment.

In Spite Of…

He’d Made It!  He text me based on how He Felt he did…later he received the actually judges results and although he did make mistakes they saw his talent and passion in spite of his nerves.  All I could think of was how God blesses us at times in spite of ourselves.  My son was already defeated when he left for the auditions because he felt that he wasn’t prepared.  I have a feeling those thoughts are what led to his nerves and therefore his mistakes.

Still my prayer of favor prevailed.  God knew what his true skills were and blessed him in spite of himself.  I am so grateful to say that my Teenager is officially a member of the All County Band and in the line up to audition for All District.  He knows now that he needs to be a bit more prepared and not let his nerves overwhelm him.  We are both so grateful for the favor and blessings of God ….

This is my #828Blessings story…what’s yours?



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“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,

to them who are the called according to his purpose.” 

Romans 8:28

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