The Blogger Technology Triple Threat +1

This past month has been one full of blessings and struggles.  I guess you can always expect one when you have the other right?  I am blessed to have a husband who not only supports my Blog Life emotionally but financially as well.  He has been there and continues to be there when I need something to help both my site and my dream reach the next level.  This includes surprising me with the blogger technology triple threat +1 that I need to do it 😀

The Blogger's Triple Threat of Technology +1

When I was approved for a campaign with Kohl’s and needed a way to record a great video he came through with my dream camera a Nikon DSLR 5300!  I was beyond shocked and amazed especially since I thought it wasn’t possible for at least a few months of saving.  He was even sneaky enough to go pick it up with my oldest daughter after picking her up from school.  When they came in she looked so suspect I assumed something had happened at school.  She assured me everything was fine and that she actually had something in her bag for a project she had to complete.  I said okay and as I reached for her bag I noticed it was really heavy.  The first thing I thought was “Oh my this is gonna be a long weekend”  Yet when I unzipped her bag there was no project but instead the lovely box of my new DSLR camera!  I was in shock…I almost cried!

Technology DSLR 5300

Grateful barely describes how I felt and thanks to my Hubby and that awesome gift my Kohl’s video was approved and has been really great.

That’s why when a few weeks later my desktop and laptop died within a few days of each other I was a a lost.  Was technology my friend or foe?  I have been multitasking my Blog needs between my iPad and either my laptop or the desktop.  Now loosing one I would have been able to handle but both?  What was going on and what was I going to do.  I tried to use my Teenager’s laptop but with all his gamer and video stuff it was beyond S……L…….O…….W!  I mean a post that would have normally taken me less than 30 minutes turned into an almost 2 hour project!

Hubby was watching me struggle but after receiving the camera I couldn’t even figure how to say I needed a replacement laptop.  Yet he already knew.  So we headed to the store looking for memory, storage and a deal!  Now my dream was a MacBook but I knew budget would be better fit to a laptop.  I was fine with this.  I just needed to be able to produce at this point.  So we found a laptop suitable to my needs and in a great price range.

Like every Momma knows not many trips to a store can go by without a Kiddie’s bathroom emergency.  so as I headed off with two wiggling Kiddies I left Hubby to complete the purchase.  When we came out I headed to the car assuming everything was done.  I got there to a locked truck and no Hubby or older daughter.  These two!

I grabbed my cell and called to find out what was going on and was told he was still inside.  Ok.  So as we headed back inside I spotted him standing the the Apple section!  Huh what? As I got to him I heard him telling the sales rep that he wanted me to have not only what I needed but what I wanted!  Talk about The World’s BEST Hubby!

Technology MacBook Air

So now I have what I would consider a Blogger’s Apple Technology Triple Threat : my iPhone, iPad Air and now the newest member of the family…my MacBook Air add to that my Nikon DSLR and I feel unstoppable…LOL!

Triple Threat Technology

How much does your Blog Life rely on technology?

What are some items on your Blogger’s Ultimate Technology Wish-List?

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