#BloggyBootCamp – The Adventure of Getting Here

Sweet Dreams are what I am getting ready to have. After a long day of travel, adventure and simply getting here it is definitely what I am looking forward to. Getting to #BloggyBootCamp ATL has been a little bit of an adventure to me for sure. Let me give you a quick recap of my day before I let these amazing white sheets wrap me up and take me to dreamland.



I got to the airport today with plenty of time to spare and that is exactly how I like it. Love it. I guess it’s the OCD in me but I hate being rushed in anyway. I need order. So when I arrived and saw that my flight (and only my flight) had no Gate assignment I must admit a bit of panic began to set it. Did this mean my flight would be delayed? Or even worse, canceled? I started praying and hoping not. Luckily a Gate was a sign with an entire 8 minutes to spare insert extreme sarcasm here.

I boarded and settled in what I thought was my seat only to find out by a not so friendly guy walking the aisle announcing how people must have decided to sit wherever they wanted that I had say one row off. After switching seats I found myself seated next to an older gentleman who seemed intent on editing what appeared to be a speech. That was fine with me because believe it or not, I don’t really like talking to total strangers! LOL…well unless it’s you guys that is 😀

We made it the entire flight with just the sky and my headphones. I was enjoying the journey. Looking out the window and seeing the beauty of being 10,000 feet in the air and above it all…


Well let’s just say my peaceful solitude was short lived. As we landed the older gentleman decided to strike up a bit of conversation. His starting question? “Are you headed back to school?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Umm no, I’m not in school.

Oh, I was sure you were under 18. I wanted to talk with you earlier in the flight but was fearful you may be under age.

Ummm…no I’m legal.

Where was this going? I had no idea. The conversation ended up taking a few odd turns when he began to share about the passing of his wife and how seeing a young woman over 30 who was still ‘in shape’ had restored his hope. Yeah, he said it.

So when we were cleared to exit the plane I was more than ready to make my exit.



Now I’m not sure if you know but the ATL Airport is no small place. It is one of the largest airports and definitely can be one of the most confusing especially if traveling is not something you do regularly. So as I made my way out of the Gate and began to search for a place and way to get to the hotel without breaking my entire budget I decided asking an employee may be my best bet.

I found a guy in a uniform and posed my question: Which way to I go to locate Ground Transportation?

The response was so confusing. He got in really close (total personal bubble invasion) and went on to give me the amount of feet and approximate time it would take me to walk to Ground Transportation versus taking the Airport Train System. 20 minutes by foot 5 by train. Okay…train please?

After a 5 minute walk to the train I find the right one and board. Well I try to board. The train was so packed that I had to squeeze in between two airport wheelchairs being pushed by employees. The first employee was nice enough to give me a bit of warning about the take off of the train just in time for me avoid a quick introduction to the train floor. Now the second employee was in a bit of a mood. When the train doors opened at the next stop I’m guessing she was in a hurry because she basically rolled over my foot to get past me and out the door.

This is when the train lost complete power. Yup with us in it and the doors closed. Luckily a passenger found the emergency switch, opened the doors and I decided to simply take the 20 minute walk described to me earlier by the employee. Yes. It was 20 minutes.

Finally I saw daylight and headed in the direction of the ‘purple zone’ where  I was supposed to find a shuttle to my hotel. Yeah well they don’t have a shuttle and I was so happy to find a cab I jumped and head to the hotel except the driver had no idea where my hotel was. Huh what? Yeah. So I call the hotel and they explain that to get there by GPS takes an entirely different address.

Now came the ATL traffic. The traffic added nearly an hour to what should have been a 20 minute drive. Once I arrived I was so excited to be here but still so tired from the day. Let’s just say that warm cookie they gave me at check-in was devoured in moments as I got ready for the very first #BloggyBootCamp event – a cocktail party!


I got all dressed up in my favorite little black dress and pumps and headed down to start some of the very first introductions of the many I know to come.



I met so many amazing Ladies tonight and I am already beyond excited for the ones I know I will meet tomorrow and all that we will learn together.

So until then,

Sweet Dreams

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