Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof™ Coffee Way!

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This is dedicated to all my fellow coffee drinkers! Coffee time is our time- it’s when we have those rare ‘just for me‘ moments we all need. Bulletproof™ Coffee gives us a way to keep those moments while offering added health and nutritional benefits! Take a moment, take a sip and let me share how I’ve learned to #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof™ Coffee Way!

Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof® Coffee Way! | TheMrsTee.comHaving It My Way

I’m not a morning person. There. I’ve said it. Waking up when the sun is still down isn’t my idea of a good start. Still I am a wife and mom who needs to be up and ready to go because no matter how much I want it to Life tends to start in the morning and I have to find a way to function.




Coffee. It gets me through the mornings when I barely want to speak to anyone much less form complete thoughts and accomplish stuff. Those are the days when my coffee becomes the only way I function at adult level for a full what can feel like way more than 24 hours.

I drink no less than 2 cups of coffee a day to get through each day. So what’s in a day for me you ask? Let’s see. Up at 5:30am to bathe, feed and get 3 kiddies out the door for school. Then we start the errands like shopping, picking up stuff and other randomness that tends to drive me nuts. Home for a refill of my cup and maybe lunch. A bit of work and social media stuff. Pick up the Kiddies. Another refill, homework, snacks, dinner, family time and bedtime. Then a bit of late night work and maybe some lounge time on the couch. Bed around 10pm.

Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof® Coffee Way! |

Take my normal daily routine and add in the craziness that can be the Holidays and you would see a pretty Scroog-ish version of this Momma if it weren’t for my coffee. It helps to make for a better day and a better for me for everyone involved.

Decaf? Who Needs Decaf?

Having someone suggest I try decaf is like someone telling me all sodas are the same. It Just Isn’t Right! What is this decaf you speak of? How does drinking coffee without caffeine help me at all?

I grew up in a family full of coffee drinkers and for any one of them offering a cup of Decaf as an alternative to their morning brew was considered an insult to their coffee addiction dedication.  I actually have a theory about Decaf Coffee Drinkers: either they don’t know what they’re missing or they don’t know what they’re getting!

Did You Know…?

Caffeine is a natural way to repel insects and fungus from the coffee plant? It works against mold and organisms that want to grown on coffee beans. Caffeine actually helps prevent mold while coffee beans are being stored. When you take away caffeine you take away that defense. Leaving your coffee at a higher risk for aflatoxin and ochratoxin. These toxins can lead to cancer, hypertension, kidney disease and other life threatening sicknesses.

After learning this I have a brand new motto! I Drink The Bulletproof™ Coffee Way! Removing caffeine from coffee opens you up to toxins that damage your health and even bring down your day. Keeping the caffeine while adding a few extra ingredients will help avoid those toxins as well as the damage they can bring. You’ll feel the difference from the very first cup…

The Bulletproof ™ Coffee Way

Bulletproof Coffee™  let’s me stay energized and fueled for the day plus gives me a few added benefits.

Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof® Coffee Way! |

I know, I know. When I first saw the recipe I thought okay that’s a lot for me to do first thing in the morning. Coffee helps me start the day and I didn’t think I could handle a recipe with actual steps before having my first cup. Yet the benefits were definitely worth giving it a try. After a few squinty-eyed early morning tries (and a few mess-ups) I did it!

a.     Brew 1 cup (8-12 oz.) of coffee using filtered water, just off the boil, with 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons freshly ground Bulletproof™ Coffee Beans. (French Press is easiest.)

b.     Add in 1-2 tablespoons of Brain Octane™ to the hot coffee (It’s STRONG – start with 1 tsp. and work up over several days).

c.      Add 1-2 tablespoons grass-fed, unsalted butter or grass-fed ghee

d.     Mix it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds until it is frothy like a foamy latte

I love how easy it is to transform the ground coffee into a drink my favorite Barista would be proud to claim as their own. You can try Bulletproof Coffee out for yourself – the easiest way is with a Starter Kit – Grab Yours Today!

Bulletproof Coffee™ is Upgraded Coffee who’s recipe of grass-fed unsalted butter and Brain Octane™ Fuel offers drinkers a low toxin, healthy fat-based energy brew that will last all day long!

Brain Octane™ Oil is made from 100% coconut oil that encourages fat burning and gives you a quick source for energy without the low that can come with sugar.

Knowing that I am not only protecting but fueling my body all while giving my metabolism and cognitive abilities (you know putting the thoughts together and doing the stuff) a much needed a boost with the Brain Octane™ Oil is enough to sell me.

Making It A Good Morning With Bulletproof™ Coffee



Making my Bulletproof™ Coffee adds to my start of the day and gives me a bit of extra ‘me time‘ which is always good for this busy Momma and entrepreneur. Starting the day with a well-caffeinated nicer version of myself means I can #ElevateTheSeason with this cup of amazingness to help me make it a good morning and an awesome day!





Bulletproof™ Coffee takes the benefits of coffee and brings them to you in the perfect blend of taste and nutrition while helping me #ElevateTheSeason with all the energy I need to get through the day.

*Be sure to visit Bulletproof™ Coffee Blog for Coffee Benefits and 10 Ways To Live Longer from Founder Dave Asprey.

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