There is a Lesson or a Blessing in every situations…Even if one person is able to tell their story and reach just one more person that will be worth it all.

In Thanks

Thanksgiving 2015 came and went in 24 hours. Yet it started for me many hours, days and weeks before. This year has been one of amazing moments, memories and discoveries. I have accomplished things here in my corner of the Blog-O-Verse (yup just made that up) that I only dreamed […]

In Thanks |

How Blessings Grow |

How Blessings Grow

It’s so amazing how God can take moments in our lives that we thought were headed for disaster and turn them into the perfect foundation for our Blessings. Like everyone else I know, I rarely realize what it can take for blessings to grow, how at times the rough times […]

The Joy of It All…

NaBloPoMo December is all about joy. I suppose that is fitting being that December is the beginning of one of the most joyous Holidays and reasons to celebrate. So, when I saw the theme I signed up right away. After I wondered if I’d clicked a bit too quick. Still, […]

No Worry - I Choose Faith

No Worry – I Choose Faith #NaBloPoMo

We all have those lists or things we would do ‘if only‘. Travel, shop, achieve. Yet what about the intangible things? What wish would you grant yourself if you could get rid of something that was a part of who you are? If you could rid yourself of just one […]

To The Root Of It All…

“Isn’t this a church day? Shouldn’t we be at church?” These are the words my 5 yr old was whispering to her 3yr old brother as I acted like I was still asleep (don’t judge…I know you do it too…lol). It’s so funny how a child can get to the […]

To The Root Of It All |