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Meet Harley Quinn – Our Golden Pup!

Last summer we adopted a puppy. As the comic-loving family we are we decided to name our little girl Harley Quinn. We brought her home with a trunk full of toys, food, treats, collars, tags and everything else the pet store associate ‘suggested’ a new pup could need. We brought […]

Meet Harley Quinn - Our Golden Pup! |

My Picky Eaters & I |

My Picky Eaters & I

Picky Eaters!! I’ve been one my entire life and now I have 3! Let me say, I owe my Grandmother an apology. Let’s be honest: Picky eaters are no fun and finding a way to keep them healthy, happy and full all at the same time is a bit of […]

How To Encourage Individuality In A Large Family

Having a large family can be a challenge. I know this first hand. A few days ago my friend Dani of OKDani posed a question: “For parents of 3 or more kids: what are your challenges with a family that size?” I read it a few times and here is what my […]

Encouraging Individuality In A Large Family |