The Holidays are all about family for me and we love making the most of them in as many ways as possible. Here I share a bit of our Holidays with you!

Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii 2008…

Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii, 2008. I’m 9 months pregnant and my husband announces he’s invited all his soldiers over for thanksgiving dinner. Great. Not only was this my first Thanksgiving cooking the entire meal by myself but it was now going to be taste tested by 15-20 hungry soldiers. Menu Changes […]

Picture It... Thanksgiving 2008 |

all i want for Christmas

  5 more days ’til Christmas! I can hardly believe it! As I sit here and look in awe at my already wrapped gifts for my family – that doesn’t happen often. I feel joy and all I love most about this season. I mean being done with things this early almost deserves […]

My Top Fave Holiday Gift Guides For 2015

My first year of blogging I started hearing all these rumblings about Holiday Gift Guides and how great they were but for the life of me I didn’t wrap my head around what they were exactly. Oh but now! Now I realize holiday gift guides are the perfect solutions to my usual last […]

My Top Fave Holiday Gift Guides For 2015 |

In Thanks |

In Thanks

Thanksgiving 2015 came and went in 24 hours. Yet it started for me many hours, days and weeks before. This year has been one of amazing moments, memories and discoveries. I have accomplished things here in my corner of the Blog-O-Verse (yup just made that up) that I only dreamed […]