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All about the youngest members of my Team…my Kiddies and how I keep them active physically, mentally and emotionally while still maintaining my sanity and my budget…

#KiddieLogic | Life Advice and Randomness

There are times when the things that come out of my Kiddies mouths go from hilarious to straight out baffling. I’ve shared their theories of Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, School Days and even how they feel about being siblings. Today I’m giving a bit of #KiddieLogic on all things Life Advice and […]

#KiddieLogic | Life Advice and Randomness

When Bullies Attack |

When Bullies Attack

Parenting is never easy but when it comes to trying to protect your children from those not under your control it gets even harder. When my Teenager was in Kindergarten I had the moment we all dread. That phone call telling me that my son had been in a fight. […]

Can Girls Do That?

Can Girls Do That? This is a question that has been asked so many times lately I can barely keep count. My 8 year old daughter has always been a girl who loves all things regardless of their gender specification. Sports, Arts, Science…you name she loves it and she never seemed […]

Can Girls Do That? |

Momma Skill No. 18864 - School Project Master |

Momma Skill No. 18864 – School Project Master

My oldest Girlie (8) has one of the best imaginations and most creative minds. That said, it sometimes seems as if she uses that amazing imagination to set me up whenever project time comes around for school. Not only does my Girlie come up with some of the most creative but at times […]

#KiddieLogic | 2 Girls 1 Boy

There are days when the things that my Kiddies say are no less than amazing, brilliant and hilarious all at the same time! Those are the days I wish I could have a camera or at least a recorder to capture the pure #KiddieLogic that they share at some of […]

#KiddieLogic | 2 Girls 1 Boy |

#KiddieLogic | School Days

So we are officially about a month into the school year and to say it has been a bit of an adventure would be putting it lightly. My Kiddies are notorious for their logic and twist on everyday things but factor in an entire day at school and sometimes the […]

#KIddieLogic School Days |

#KiddieLogice - Good Guys vs. Bad Guys |

#KiddieLogic | Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

Today I’m joining in on the writing fun with MamaKat’s Writing Workshop and writing about something funny my child said. Now if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know that I already share a bunch of my Kiddies funny moments there through #KiddieLogic so picking one wasn’t really […]