The sweet and caring child I raised has somehow become a young man still sweet on the inside but covered in a moody crunchy coating…UGH!

Acceptance Image

The Acceptance.

I have been sharing my journey through my Teenager’s Senior Year and it has been a bumpy ride to say the least.  The emotions tied to the significance of where he is in his life at age 17 and where I was at 17 – a teen mom wondering where […]

The Senior Year Saga Continues…

Alright.  I know that learning how to drive, Driver’s Ed and all that is simply a right of passage.  Yet for some reason I’ve been trying to prolong it and keep it as far away from happening as possible.  Why?  It’s just too much!  This entire year is an emotional […]

Marching Forward – Win Or Loose

Teenage Leader Having a Teenager who holds a leadership position for something like Marching Band can be full of joys and a lot of fun times.  Yet there can also be those times when the laughter fades and the emotions that come along with being responsible for others starts to […]

Our First College Fair…Are We Really There?

Are We Really There? A couple of weeks ago I attended a College Fair with The Teenager.  It was our very first but I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last.  I must admit, I’m still a bit outside of myself during this entire Senior year experience.  Even as I […]