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Picture It... Thanksgiving 2008 |

Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii 2008…

Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii, 2008. I’m 9 months pregnant and my husband announces he’s invited all his soldiers over for thanksgiving dinner. Great. Not only was this my first Thanksgiving cooking the entire meal by myself but it was now going to be taste tested by 15-20 hungry soldiers. Menu Changes […]

When Mom Needs A Time Out!

Let me start by saying this: being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM for when you need to say it fast) has little to do with actually staying at home. I Know!! Weird right? I didn’t stay on-the-go this much when I had a full time 9-5 corporate career. I […]

When Mom Needs A Time Out |

i’m not that mom

I’m not that mom. You know the one who has a notebook full of lunch design ideas with fruits sides snacks and themes. Yeah. I’m not that mom.   I’m not that mom. The one who can sit down and make her kids entire wardrobe including Halloween, Christmas and ‘just because’ costumes. […]

i'm not that mom |

In Summer

Summer has and always will be one of my favorite times of the year. Being an August baby makes me a bit bias still there are so many things I do in summer that just can’t happen the rest of the year! School’s Out! What do all kids love the most about […]

In Summer |

We Want More For Them

We want more for them. We say it all the time as we plan, sacrifice and make dreams come true. We want more for our kids than we had. My husband and I are both from low (at times no) income homes where having anything more than what we absolutely […]

We Want More For Them |

i don't wanna adult today |

i don’t wanna adult today

i don’t wanna adult today.     I’ve said it here and there on different social media with the funny memes and graphics but these past two weeks it’s been less of a joke. I’ve meant it more than ever. Sometimes being the adult is hard, scary and overwhelming. Add […]