Glasses, Shoes, Boots, Watches, Wallets, Purses – Oh My! It’s the Fashion Scene and I’m lovin’ it!

The Eyes Have it With GlassesShop |

The Eyes Have It With GlassesShop

    Style, Fashion, Personality…a person’s eyes speak volumes and how we accessorize them can say so much more. As a person who needs her glasses to actually see, how I accessorize them has become a big part of who I am. Thanks to GlassesShop I can always find the style, color, shape […]

Wrapped In Style With Nordic Beach

  When warmer seasons arrive we always have those sunny days that turn into cooler nights. I’ve found the perfect addition to my wardrobe to help me stay warm and be wrapped in style with the Nordic Beach wrap. This wrap was designed in California for the perfect days full of sun, […]

Wrapped In Style With Nordic Beach