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Friendship Zones |

Friendship Zones

In today’s world of technology driven relationships knowing what your zone is as friend can be kinda tricky.  Tricky and even funny at times. Like okay can I DM her or should I just stick to comments?  Hmmm… It’s not always easy to know. Here are a few of the friendship zones I’ve noticed recently and how to know which zone you’re in – from both sides of a friendship.

Never Have I Ever

Every once in a while I like to do a post just for the fun of things. Never have I ever is a popular party game and youtube challenge but I’ve decided to bring it right here to the site. Are you ready? Let’s have a bit of fun . . .

Never Have I Ever |

Mom's Night Out |

Mom’s Night Out !

I’m not sure about other moms but for me getting a Mom’s Night Out is something that happens a bit less often than I would like. Yes I have date nights, events and Blogger things I attend but getting the chance to do something fun with another mom minus the Kiddies – that’s what I call a true Mom’s Night Out!