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Friendship Zones

In today’s world of technology driven relationships knowing what your zone is as friend can be kinda tricky.  Tricky and even funny at times. Like okay can I DM her or should I just stick to comments?  Hmmm… It’s not always easy to know. Here are a few of the friendship zones I’ve noticed recently and how to know which zone you’re in – from both sides of a friendship.

Friendship Zones |

Blessings & Struggles | A Free Write

I feel like I’ve been living this truth to the fullest the past few weeks. I’ve been blessed with new opportunities, exposure and connections. Yet at the end of each of these blessings there seems to be a new difficulty – a new struggle. Then today I took a moment to think . . . on both.

Blessings & Struggles | A Free Write |

Family Ties |

Family Ties

In a perfect world family would be forever. No issue would go unresolved and no hurt could break that bond. Yet this isn’t a perfect world and we aren’t perfect people. We inflict wounds and at times those wounds don’t always heal. They leave the kind of scars that make family ties hard to keep. . .

Happy Birthday To Me! |

Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s Here! My Birthday! I’m 39 today and I feel like I should be feeling all the feelings. You know the ones. Those big ones. The I’m officially 365 days away from being 40. Whoa! The who am I, where am I in life, what do I want from life kinda feelings. The adult feelings. Yet instead all I keep thinking is: Happy Birthday To Me!