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Just One of Those Days . . .

This morning I had a chat with my neighbor through the fence (yup there’s a loose board and we talk through it – don’t judge us). We were talking about how both of us – two ambiverts *introverted extroverts – need to schedule play dates, grown up time and basically everything around those days when we need to be alone.Do you know those days? The days when you just don’t have enough ‘umph’ to be adequately social. The days when I just have to let myself be . . .

Just One Of Those Days |

Dear Marvel, |

Dear Marvel,

I realize it was a movie, Tony stark is a fictional character and Marvel doesn’t hate me. I do. I admire every Blogger who has voiced their feeling for and against the line. The truth remains: everyone has their own opinions and each one is entitled to their own reactions. This is mine . . .

Turn It Up Tuesday!

Welcome to a new week on Turn It Up Tuesday everyone! It is always a pleasure to have you join us this week, and every week! This week we are celebrating Easter!! So feel free to share your Easter crafts, treats, ideas, and more! If you don’t have any Easter […]

Turn It Up Tuesday |

My 10 Favorite YouTubers

For me, a binge watch isn’t limited to the latest TV series, Nope. My search for a way to spend a weekend of watching time also includes the Channels of my Favorite YouTubers! I have spent many a weekend binge watching Challenges, TAGS, Hauls, DIY, Makeup and Craft Tutorials (watching not […]

My 10 Favorite YouTubers |