Army Life

The ups, downs and adventures that we have had in our life as a Military Family and the strength it has given us.

To Be Well... |

To Be Well…

When I was approached by the Military Spouse Wellness Summit to be an Ambassador for the very 1st FREE Online Event focused on providing resources for the wellness of Military Spouses I knew it was something I couldn’t refuse. As a Military Spouse I have often been in that place […]

Finding New Roads To The New Me

During the first few years of life as a Military Spouse it was so easy to allow myself to become His Wife, Their Mother and Your Friend all while slowly forgetting who I was. It wasn’t until my husband’s retirement that I realized I didn’t really know who ‘me‘ was. […]

Finding New Road To The New Me |

Deployment – How We Coped

I felt like a single parent again. I had to do everything on my own, homework, activities all of it. I was mad at times and sad at others. That’s why I couldn’t imagine how my children must have felt. Two children 10, 2 and 10 months. Their ages when […]

Deployment - How We Coped |