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5 Lessons My Vows Left Out

  Marriage. 2 people and 2 lives become 1. Sounds beautiful right? Well not really. Marriage is a trip and there are a few lessons my vows left out. I love my life, my Hubby, My Kiddies – all of it. Still marriage had a few lessons for me that […]

5 Lessons My Vows Left Out |

9 Grateful Moments |

Grateful In 9

  Now is the perfect moment to stop and think a bit on what’s good. So here are 9 things I’m grateful for that make everything else less of a big deal. Yesterday I skipped NaBloPoMo to spend the day with my Kiddies. We went to see Trolls which may I say […]

Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii 2008…

Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii, 2008. I’m 9 months pregnant and my husband announces he’s invited all his soldiers¬†over for thanksgiving dinner. Great. Not only was this my first Thanksgiving cooking the entire meal by myself but it was now going to be taste tested by 15-20 hungry soldiers. Menu Changes […]

Picture It... Thanksgiving 2008 |

Since We're Being Honest |

Since We’re Being Honest…

Since we’re being honest and have no hard feelings to hold I’d like to speak to all this who feel it’s a okay to say whatever you want to say.   I know. I know. I’m doing it right now. Still this is a one time deal just to tell […]

When Mom Needs A Time Out!

Let me start by saying this: being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM for when you need to say it fast) has little to do with actually staying at home. I Know!! Weird right? I didn’t stay on-the-go this much when I had a full time 9-5 corporate career. I […]

When Mom Needs A Time Out |

A Momma’s Day Off… #NaBloPoMo

Mothers. We have the most important job ever (besides Fathers) and our work schedule is 24/7 with little to no time off much less an entire day. So when we are actually given time to ourselves and for ourselves most likely we have no clue what to do with it… […]

A Momma's Day Off #NaBloPoMo |

The Other Day Yesterday & Today! | #NaBloPoMo |

The Other Day, Yesterday & Today! | #NaBloPoMo

So the other day I had a full schedule of Sponsored Posts set to publish, then Yesterday came all the social media promotion and Today I finally get to breath and just write. That’s why I’ve decided to play a bit of catch up with the #NaBloPoMo I missed for […]