JORD Wood Watches

I am proud to be on of the Preferred Partners for JORD Wood Watches. They are a unique and stylish way to make your watch far more than an accessory.

Fall Fashion Faves – It’s In The Details {Giveaway}

  Fall is a  season full of colors: deep oranges, tans, browns, greens and even animal prints are something you will see me showing off this season for sure.  I love the layering, deep rich colors and opportunities to match up some of my fall fashion faves (say that three times […]

Fall Fashion Faves - It's In The Details {Giveaway} |

Gift Unique | JORD Wood Watches

Gift Unique. That’s my goal for every gift I give. I want to find something that not only speaks to what the person means to me but says it in a unique way. So when I’m searching for Christmas gifts it isn’t any different. I look for that perfect gift […]

Gift Unique | JORD Wood Watches |