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Why Facebook Live Has Me Stressed & How I'm Gonna Get Over It! |

Why Facebook Live Has Me Stressed & How I’m Gonna Get Over It!

Recently I’ve been trying to increase my presence and influence with Facebook Live. It isn’t working. I mean yes I’m on there but I’m just not feeling like I’m getting it and I’m stressed! You know me. I’m okay with the camera, videos, Vlogging even TV!! Yet there’s something about this […]

PlugIns: Pros, Cons & More! | As Seen On FBLive

This week’s FBLive was focused on PlugIns. Those little Add-Ons we all use to enhance, improve or add to the design and eye appeal of our sites. In this post, I’m sharing both the Pros and Cons of PlugIns and more to to help you make the most of them for your WordPress Site. […]

How To Host A Successful Twitter Party | From Prep To Party!

As host of a recent Twitter party I realized there wasn’t a lot of information about the How To of being a host for a successful twitter party. Prepping, Promotion, Images, Scripts- I couldn’t find a clear source to tell me the steps I needed to be ready so I decided to change that! In this […]

Snapchat for Beginners | From Getting Started To Getting Noticed

  Okay I’ll admit it. I didn’t think Snapchat was a big deal at first. I didn’t feel like adding yet another Social Media Network to my To Do List BUT I realized I may be wrong when I started seeing Snapchat on several Blog Campaign and Community Applications. Well played Snapchat. […]

Snapchat for Beginners | From Getting Started To Getting Noticed |