MrsTee In Disney {a series}

This year was our very 1st Family Trip to Walt disney World Florida and i want to share my fun, memories and moments with you as I take you on my vacation journey starting with Day 1

MrsTee In Disney {Day 5} - Dining With Royalty |

MrsTee In Disney {Day 5} – Dining With Royalty

This was the day. After our lunch with Winnie & Friends yesterday, I searched the My Disney Experience App and scored 9 reservations for Dinner at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall WITH PRINCESSES!  We were going to be dining with royalty, finally! It was in Epcot and the perfect way for us […]

MrsTee In Disney {Day 4} – Is There A Princess In The Palace?

So our Thursday morning started early. Really early. Like 6 am early. I know, why? We are on vacation after all. Well another bonus to living the Resort Life is the fact that all of the Disney World Parks offer a special Magical Hours day where they open an entire […]

MrsTee In Disney {Day 4} - Is There A Princess In The palace? |

MrsTee In Disney {Day 3} - Rain Rain Go Away! |

MrsTee In Disney {Day 3} – Rain Rain Go Away !

So on Wednesday morning last week we woke up to the sound of an ever so light drizzle outside our windows. We figured okay we are prepared for this – I had done my research with several Blogger Buddies who recently returned from Disney and we left with our Ponchos in […]

MrsTee In Disney {Night 2} – Who Says A Pool Is Only For Swimming?

This time last week I was walking back to our Villa from a long day of exploration and adventure at Magic Kingdom. I was happy and excited but I was also sore, aching and tired. That’s when Hubby suggested we all head back to the room, change and walk back […]

MrsTee in Disney {Night 2} - Who Says Pools Are Only For Swimming" |

MrsTee In Disney - A Park A Day...Maybe? |

MrsTee In Disney {Day 2} – A Park A Day…Maybe?

Needless to say we slept in a bit on our first full day at Walt Disney World. The Kiddies were tired from the drive and Hubby and I were exhausted from our mini adventure in Downtown Disney. Yet we were still up and ready to start our adventures by 11am and […]

MrsTee In Disney {Night 1} – Resort Life Is THE Life

When we pulled in the Disney World Resorts area I was so exhausted all I could do was search for the sign that would lead me to a bed. We were staying at the Saratoga Resort & Spa and when I saw the Check-In Cottage I knew that making the […]

MrsTee In Disney - Resort Life Is THE Life |

MrsTee In Disney - Day 1: I CAN Do This!

MrsTee In Disney {Day 1} I Don’t Wanna Drive!

So this time last week I was at my local Starbucks ordering up a TRIPLE shot Caramel Frap with extra Caramel love. As I was grabbing my Venti Hubby was fueling up the vehicles. I was fueling myself up for my very first attempt at driving over 1 hour, well 8 hours to be […]