Changing Things Up

For some time now I have been searching through different themes and designs trying to find a new, cleaner look for TheMrsTee. I really wanted to start changing things up a bit and that included the look of my site. I am getting ready to head to my first major conference and I want to make a great first impression.

Changing Things Up |

The main change I wanted to make was to have a Static Page where my Readers could get a glimpse of what my site is all about and then click through to different areas of the site itself including my About Me, Posts and Media Policy.

I have been looking for at least two months and found several wonderful themes but once I would start messing with them I found that even though the preview would show the landing page I desired I could never actually figure out how to make it happen. Then yesterday I prayed. That’s right folks I pray about every little thing that means anything to me and this was no different. I’m actually not even sure why I waited so long to do it. I prayed that God not only help me find the right theme for my site but also help me figure out how to design and tweak it on my own.

For awhile I had been considering hiring someone to do it but OCD in tow I probably would not have made the best client. So I knew that if I really wanted to do this it was most likely something I needed to do myself. So back to that prayer. It was super long or super deep. More of a quick whisper from daughter to Daddy asking for a bit of help and advice.

There is no desire, wish or dream too small to ask God for. He cares for you and all that is you. So stop running in circles and just ask.

Then I searched again. I came across a theme that looked perfect from the outside. So I installed it. Then I found a PlugIn that would give my Readers a pretty little message when they stopped by saying that I was making a few improvements but would be back soon. Then the work began. The theme is a Genesis framework but not something I have worked with before. Still I was determined. I Googled, clicked and worked every computer code I have in my brain.

Slowly the site began to look like something that could feel like me. Still there was that darn Static Page. I just couldn’t seem to figure it out. I whispered another quick prayer as I typed in “how to create a static page” in my search box. *Let’s just say there are thousands of results with little or nothing to do with actual instructions*

After feeling utterly defeated, I pieced together instructions from several different sources and there it was! My Static Page, not yet perfect but there. I could barely contain my excitement! I kept working, kept typing and kept praying and after about 3 hours I had what I saw in my mind these past few months: The NEW

It’s so weird because this started out as an introduction post to the New look but now I feel that it is more than that. Yes, I want you to click, explore and check out the new look around here but I also want to leave you with a bit of a testimony.

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