Choc-V’s: Choc FULL Of Goodness!


Having 3 Kiddies under the age of 7 I know the struggle of trying to be certain they are getting the nutrition and vitamins they need.  It can be very difficult to do especially with the taste and texture of most of the vitamins on the market.  

When I was approached by Choc-V’s Vitamins and asked if we would like to try their new ‘Chocolate‘ vitamins I thought it would be a great chance to try a new approach.  Choc-V’s sent us the Choc-Vs Probiotic White Chocolate Flavor Bears.


Contains 1 billion microflora to help restore digestive health,

strengthen natural defense systems, and prebiotic fiber

to help promote the effectiveness of the probiotic.

Then came the true test: would my Kiddies take them?  Once they saw the cute little bear shape and realized it was candy (I may not have let on immediately that they were vitamins…Momma’s rights) they were more than willing to give them a chance.  At first taste they were a bit put off and I wasn’t sure why.  So I did what any Momma would do, I tasted one myself!

The taste is just like White Chocolate but they don’t exactly melt you sort of need to chew it a bit.  So I told this to my Kiddies and once they knew not to simply suck on them they were completely happy.  Overall, the Choc-V’s were a Kiddies success and now instead of my nightly battle on with them chewing a gritty vitamin they are asking for their chocolate ‘candy‘ instead.

I would suggest keeping the Choc-V’s stored somewhere safely out of reach so that your Kiddies don’t eat them just like candy.  I did explain afterwards that they were actually vitamins but I still put them out of reach of little hands simply to be safe.

Choc-V’s also offers the following varieties to cover whatever nutritional need your family may have.


Contains 17 essential vitamins & minerals,

including 1000IU Vitamin D with a great milk chocolate taste.

Multi-V’s helps support healthy eyes,

strong bones and teeth, and a healthy immune system. 


Contains 300mg of Calcium to help build strong bones and teeth.

Also contains Vitamin D to help the body absorb and use the calcium.

Enjoy the great white chocolate taste.

As a bonus to being able to try out this product Choc-V’s also offered to Chocofy my Blog Page! I chose to go with the White Chocolate look since that the flavor we were lucky enough to try 🙂


Guess what ?!?!  You can Chocofy your page as well!  Stop by  the


Choc-V’s are available and many major stores including:




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