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Currently posts are a fun way to look back over a month and see what I’ve been up to. July has been an amazing month and I knew I wanted to give it a moment to take a bow… so without delay: Currently July 2016!


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Currently Watching…


So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation

I have been a fan of So You Think You Can Dance since the very start. It’s a show that reminds me of my childhood dreams to dance (before I realized I was not a part of the rhythm nation). Every night my Kiddies would sit and watch, ooo and aaah with me and we would have new memories made. Now that they have come out with a Next Generation version my Kiddies are getting inspiration and seeing that kids can do anything adults can do!



Currently Listening…


You’d Wanna Be Me Too Meghan Trainor

To my Kiddies dismay this is my new anthem. I mean my out loud, dance in my seat anthem. I sing it every single time it comes on at the top of my voice and I don’t care where we are. It’s even my ringtone… I mean take a listen and tell me how this could’t make you feel completely awesome!?! PS: I’m playing it as I type 😀



Currently Practicing…


To step outside my comfort zone

I’m a person of habit. I get in a routine and I like it. So moving outside the things that give me comfort and order can be a big step for me. I don’t like the unknown or even the uncertain but I am working on that. I am pushing myself beyond the normal because I realize the only way to have new opportunities is to make new moves.


Currently Wearing…



A few months ago I discovered the miracle of LuLaRoe leggings. Well this month I discovered the comfy awesomeness of Jeggings. Now I have always said I did not want to be the chick in that fake jean commercial but man listen…these things are too comfy and perfectly made for my summertime #Foodie indulgences!




Currently Working On…


Increasing My Influence

In the past month or two I have taken strategic steps to help increase my Social Media Influencer. I have always been one to love the engagement I find through my Social Media Networks but I would just let it happen organically. After a bit of research and a lot of networking, I’ve learned how to maintain my natural engagement while using proven tactics to increase the impact of that engagement and in turn increase my followers.  In just a little over 2 months I’ve gone from 5,000 followers on Instagram to 8,000…

Currently Feeling…



My family and I had a rough few months starting in April and only seeming to end this month. Sickness, Stress and Distress seemed to be seeking us out. I am so happy that through it all my faith and my belief that no matter what things looked like God was still working things out for my good. It took some time but I can finally see the blessings that were being created through our trials and for that I am truly feeling blessed and highly favored by My God!


Currently Enjoying…


Me Time

Finding and taking time to simply pamper myself isn’t always a priority for me. I often forget about myself completely in the rush to make sure my hubby, my kiddies and everyone around me is taken care of. That began to take a toll on me. I was stressed, irritated and in a perpetual bad mood. So I’ve learned to take time out each week Just For Me. Whether it’s an at home spa day, a kid free shopping trip or a few moments sitting outside. I make the time to take that time and it’s made such a difference!


Currently Learning…


I Can’t Please Everyone

This is something I have never been good at. I don’t like conflict or confusion and at times to avoid it I will take things and actions from people that I know I don’t deserve. I am learning this isn’t fair to me or them. Letting someone mistreat you or abuse your kindness on leaves them with the thought that it is okay. I deserve better and I will demand better. I am learning that to let someone leave your life who doesn’t truly want to be there is not wrong but healthy.


Currently Enjoying…


The Priceless Moments

There are times when the activities of my life make me miss out on the moments in between. I don’t want that to happen so I have made the conscious effort to enjoy the priceless moments and memories as they happen. I don’t want to miss a thing!




Currently Anticipating…



I’m Going!! I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen this year but it is and I am grateful!! I’m so excited to get a chance to be surrounded by fellow Bloggers. The question was asked in the Official Going To BlogHer Facebook Group what we loved most about BlogHer…

BlogHerFacebook Post Answer

For me this is what it’s all about. Celebrating my passion with people who share my passion!


Currently Celebrating…

VOTY Award

I have definitely saved the best for last with this one! So each year BlogHer awards Bloggers for their impact in different genres like, writing, video and photography. Well this year I took that step outside my comfort zone and submitted a few of my best works for the year for nomination. I was scared and I hovered over that final click for what felt like hours but guess what….?!?!


VOTY Award


Yes! Yes! Yes! I made it through the entire process and I will be receiving my very first VOTY Award and this year’s BlogHer Conference in Los Angeles! Totally bonus to it all: the conference is taking place over my Birthday Weekend!! I am beyond excited and can’t wait to celebrate, connect and share this experience with all my online friends!

VOTY Awards Image


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