Dance Class Swap Out…

I’ve Got This…

The night started as normal as any other Dance Class night. My Big Girlie came in from school we did our after school routine: check backpack for homework, read letters, sign notices, etc.

Hubby asked me what was on the schedule for the night.  I told him we had Dance Classes with the Girlies and the Teenager was going to be at Band Practice.  They overlap so one of us was going to need to split and pick up the Teenager while the other stays with the Girlies at Dance.  Sounded like a plan… I’ve got this!

I let the Kiddies play a bit, checked the clock.  Okay we still have time for Momma to get a quick shower (yes it had been that kind of day) and the Kiddies to have a quick snack before we left so that I didn’t need to hear the “I’m Hungry” song through half of our Dance Class wait time.

Time To Spare…

Time To SpareShower done. Kiddies have their favor Chicken Fries/French Fries snack.  We leave for Dance and arrive in record time (Hubby was driving…nuff said).  I head inside with my Baby Girlie because her class is always up first.  Kiddies stay in the truck with Hubby because they have way more fun listening to music than sitting in the freezing cold waiting area with me.

We run inside put on Ballet shoes and off she goes.  I take my spot in the parent waiting area, grab my phone and begin my nightly waiting room routine: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+… a bit of StumbleUpon, check my Analytics Stats, Candy Rush and then start again.  

Come on you all know you do it too! LOL


Mid-Class Shoe Switch…

So 30 minutes later, Baby Girlie comes out to change her shoes to Tap.  Off she goes back for her second half of class.  Everything is running smoothly. I feel like SuperMom because somehow I actually managed to fit everything in this week.  Usually Dance Class nights are beyond hectic and rushed.  Anyway, back to my phone and my Social Media App rotation.

Dance Class Part II…

So another 30 minutes and Baby Girlie comes out with her ‘Dance Class Cookie’ (they give out animal crackers at the end) in hand.  We take off tap shoes and put on her Crocs. I stop at the front desk to pay I can’t even tell you what as the woman is writing the receipt I tell her I will be right back because I need to go grab my Big Girlie so she’s not late for her class.

I run to the truck come back inside with my Big Girlie in tow to begin the Dance Class process all over again.  As I stop at the front desk I see the teacher from my Big Girlie’s class.  Here’s how that conversation went:

“Ummm…Mrs Tee? I’m not sure if you realize

we actually have your Big Girlie down for my class

and your Baby Girlie is scheduled for Ms. C’s class.”

 Yes, and I’m getting Big Girlie ready for your class right now…  

“Well the thing is you already sent your Baby Girlie to my class.

It’s the class that just ended.  So technically your Big Girlie has already missed class tonight.”

Silence….Silence….and…..awkward silence.

Okay so I sent the wrong Girlie to the wrong class?

“Yes, ma’am”

How had I done this?  How did I miss an entire class?  The teacher went on to explain we had actually arrived an hour late and that Baby Girlie’s class was an hour earlier than we got there.  The class we were actually on time for was actually Big Girlie’s class.

*In hindsight I wonder now why when she had the wrong Girlie come in for her class she didn’t let me know right then.  Instead she allowed her to stay AND switch shoes to participate in a practice for a routine that isn’t even hers.  BUT hindsight is always 20/20*

How Did I Mess This Up…?

How Did I Mess This UpI looked down at my Big Girlie all ready to start her class and immediately the Momma Guilt hit me like a ton of bricks.  (see the picture to the left? that was me on the inside…)The whole time the teacher was explaining my screw up I kept looking down at my oldest trying to explain how Momma had messed up and she wasn’t going to have class tonight.  All she kept asking was why her baby sister got to have class and she didn’t.  I had no answer.  How did I mess this up this bad? 

When I got in the truck I handed my Hubby the schedule card that the teacher so kindly wrote out the Girlies’ actual class times and explained to him what happened.  He said he thought we were running late but figured I always handled the schedules so he just kept silent.  Really?  So you saw me headed to a brick wall and just let me go?  I know.  It wasn’t his fault.  He trusted my usual organizational skills because normally this would have never happen!  So what happened?

It’s No Biggie…

After picking up the Teenager, I started trying to figure out how I messed up so major.  When I looked at the schedule she wrote out for me and the one I had in my phone, apparently I was going by the last year schedule!  DUH! Even though we are almost 2 weeks into this year.  No wonder I felt like I got so much accomplished that night!  I was working with an entire extra hour!

Hubby saw my stress and came over… “Listen, your human and not SUPER human.  Stuff happens.  Kids miss classes all the time.  It’s no biggie.”  You know what?  He’s right.  Yes, I felt bad it’s but the Girlies were over it by the time we pulled off.  Once I’d returned from my trip to the island of unneccessary guilt, we actually sat back and laughed about our: Dance Class Swap Out!  



What About You…

Have you ever messed up your Kiddies schedules?

How did your Kiddies react?

Did you beat yourself up or just laugh it off?

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