Did That Just Happen?


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Early Morning Groceries…Or Not…

The other day I dropped my Big Girlie off at school and decided to head over to my Starbucks to indulge in a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Once i got there I noticed how empty the neighboring Commissary parking lot was and thought how rare that was so I decided to get my shopping done first then reward myself with a #PSL for being so well planned.

When I went into the store it was no later than 8:15 am and I didn’t have a lot of shopping to do so I was actually done around 8:30 or so.  It was a great help that the store was practically empty.  I was able to sail through each aisle in my normal up/down attack plan and grab everything I needed.  After I cleared the frozen food section I headed over to the check out area to notice that I didn’t see not even one light on or a single cashier.  I looked behind me and there was another woman with one full cart (just like my own) with the same confused look on her face as I had on my own.  Where were all the cashiers?

You Just Have To Wait…

As we both attempted to make a u-turn with our full and top heavy shopping carts I noticed that the Self-Checkout registers were open but I knew there was no way I could stand there and self-check my entire cart full of stuff.  I approached the woman in a vest standing there and asked her if she could call a Cashier over because i was ready to check out (I was assuming that they were not there simply because of how empty the store was).  She said “No.”  That was it.  One word.  Of course my born and raised New Yorker attitude rose up but I tried to smooth it over with a bit of Southern Sweetness and asked her what did she mean by ‘No?”

As I stood there with the other young woman close  behind me the employee proceeded to explain how they only open Self-Check Registers until 9am BUT how we couldn’t use those either because they have a 10 item limit.  So we would simply have to wait until 9 am or come back later.

After I once again pushed back my natural New York styled response I asked turned my cart back around and took the #1 position in the line to wait my not almost 25 minute wait for the regular registers to open.  Close behind me was the other young woman who was just as baffled and insulted by the response we received as I was.

Why Are You Waiting?

As I stood there waiting I spoke with my Hubby on the phone to make the time go faster.  His immediate response was “Why in the world are you waiting? Call a manager and ask them to just open a register that is ridiculous!”  I told him I didn’t wanna make a scene and there must be a reason why they did it that way.  I did say I wanted to report the manner we were spoken to by the woman at the Self-Check out area.  He said okay and I proceeded to do my Social Media App rotation on my phone as I settled in for my  wait.

It’s 8:50

Around 8:45 I saw a Cashier walk over to the register directly in front of me and log in.  after looking at us for a bit (by this time the line had grown to at least 10 cutsomers) she said she was going to ask if she could begin to check us out.  She came back a few moments later and said she was told she had to wait until 9am.  I told her thank you for trying and continued my wait.

Maybe 10 minutes later, she approached me and told me I could start placing my items on the register that way once 9am came she could begin to check me out with no further wait.  I thanked her and started unloading my cart.  By the time I finished it was 8:58am.  How did I know this?  Because this sweet Cashier had been counting down the time the entire time I was unloading my stuff.  When her register indicated 9am she scanned my first item.

Did That Just Happen?

When I say almost instantly the same woman from the Self-Check area appeared next to her it was like in a movie.  The only thing missing was a puff of smoke.  She began to yell and scream (I mean literally scream) at this poor Cashier:

“You are so ‘disobedient’ and never listen.”

“How dare you begin scanning before 9am?”

 **What employer calls and employee disobedient’? Just saying…**

Bring On The New Yorker…

“First of all she waited until the register said 9 o’clock.  She only let me place my items prior to 9am.  Secondly the way you are yelling at her in front of customers is completely unprofessional and uncalled for!  I want a manager contact and name.  NOW.”

The woman stopped looked at me

“I am the manager. ” 

Okay then may I have your information?


Was this woman serious!?!!?

Fine.  Then give me the Head manager information.

She scribbled something on a piece of receipt told the Cashier she was going to ‘tell the other manager she started early’ and walked away.

When I looked at that poor Cashier’s face all I could think was “Did That Just Happen?”

She was on the verge of tears.  I assured her that I was going to make contact with someone in charge as soon as I got home and explain what really happened.  She thanked me and I headed home to make that call.

Even as I write this I still feel for her.  I did make that phone call and when I described the so called ‘manager‘ they knew exactly who I was talking about and said that it would be taken care of.   They also told me they would approach the Cashier to be sure she was okay.



Have you ever witnessed someone being mistreated?

If so, how did you handle it?

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34 thoughts on “Did That Just Happen?

    • MrsTee Post author

      She said they were restocking and getting their trays ready…I did retail/management and we wouldn’t do that with customers in store unless it was near closing time. Not when we first open…

  • adrian

    What a weird situation. That was nice of you to stick up for the cashier. Some people should just totally not be in management – damned control freaks. Hopefully if they get enough complaints, the will get rid of her as a manager. #SITSsharefest

  • Yvonne Chase

    You're better than me. I would've left.

    Glad you called the managers manager. I've done that in the past. I have no tolerance for people mistreating others. I always step up and say something…always!

    Oh and yea…one of my previous senior producers told me, "You didn't obey me." That didn't end well!

    • MrsTee Post author

      I really needed my groceries that day or I probably would have…lol

      Umm yes the word 'obey' to a grown up from another grown up….unacceptable and intolerable.

  • Kim

    That manager needs to be fired…pronto. How dare she yell at an employee in front of a customer! I would have done the same thing you did and made sure I followed through. What nerve of that manager.

    • MrsTee Post author

      The thing is the store this happened at is temporarily closed so I haven't Ben been in there sine it happened. But I do plan on checking up on what happened with the 'manager' as well as the cashier.

  • Kimberly H. Smith

    Wow! I too would be asking "Did that just happen?"! I have had similar incidents in stores with cashiers but your story is extreme. I am a Southerner born and raised and may have kept a lid on it initially, but I probably would have become a New Yorker real fast. Especially when told that I couldn't use the self-check out although it was the only one open. We have a grocery store in my town that doesn't have cashiers early and I have been forced to use self-check out regardless of how many items I had. Ridiculous! However had I been in your situation, I think I would have left my full cart right there in the middle of the store and walked out. It's the principle of the thing.

    That poor cashier being embarrassed like that in front of everyone. That's awful. Good for you for supporting her. Visiting your blog from SITSharefest.

    • MrsTee Post author

      I honestly felt like a cameraman and crew should have come out at any moment. It was absolutely ridiculous. The entire scenario! I was tempted to leave my stuff but then I kept thinking she would probably make that same cashier put the stuff back..LOL

      I had to do something though…It just stayed with me too much. Thanks for stopping by 😀

  • Michelle @ The MaMad

    Wow. Just. Wow! Your whole experience was just ridiculous! First, making a customer wait as long as they did to be cashed out, I'm sorry but they need to change their "check out" policies! If they refuse to let someone ring you out before 9 a.m. but ALSO refuse to let you use the self check outs because you have more than 10 items, SOMETHING needs to be done so you are not wasting your own precious time standing in a store just…waiting.

    Second. The lady that was just rude the whole time and then the way she treated the employee…she needs to be demoted in my opinion. Let her awkwardly stand in front of a line full of customers with full carts and then get screamed at in front of them.

    I'm so glad that you went home and called! I really hope that they follow through and something is done! I'm just in shock over your whole experience!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Crazy right!?!?!? I told the manager it was a ridiculous policy she gave me this whole thing about how they can't afford to pay cashier's that early on. Then why open? I dunno…I just know the way she spoke to her was completely uncalled for…so I had to say something about that. Thanks for coming by 😉

  • MrsTee Post author

    Yes! I was in shock that this was happening 'down here' because everyone here is normally so polite and accommodating. I couldn't just stand there though…

    Thanks for coming by 🙂 #SITSSharefest

  • Joanne Viola

    Unbelievable situation! It is truly getting more & more ridiculous out there. Being born & raised in the Bronx, so a New Yorker also, I am usually embarrassed by the "New York attitude" 🙂 But boy am I so glad you used yours to report that front end manager.
    Visiting from the SITS this morning,

  • Heather

    Wow! How horrible! I feel so bad for the cashier who just wanted to help you and the other customers. What a rude rude person. There is no excuse for that!

      • Yasmina

        Ohh wow! What an episode..inever heard someone saying such thing as disobedient..kudos to you for standing up for the girl!! I had something like that happened once in a indian takeaway..ifelt so sorry for that guy..a guy who was training him was shouting and embarrassing him in front of customers..had to say something that poor guy was taking it cauuse he wants to keep his job..

        coming from bloggymoms..


        • MrsTee Post author

          Yes! When she said that I almost laughed…What In The World? She was talking to a grown woman! Craziness! I feel it was the same thing here…no one wants to risks their jobs but that shouldn't give anyone rights to speak that way.

          Thanks for coming by 🙂

  • Sandy Ramsey

    You sure do deserve a whole lot of "atta girls" for that episode! I'm not even from New York and I would have been all over her at the first "No."! So kudos to you! I am more than sure that the cashier you defended appreciated it and although I don't like the thought of people losing their jobs, she obviously needs to look for another line of work. There are plenty of people out there looking for work and she can be easily replaced with a grateful, friendly representative!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! I'm the type who doesn't loose it easy but once I'm there…I'm There! Lol

      I don't wish any bad on anyone either but I just don't think customer service is her line of work. Maybe an office job?

  • Lauren @ Going Green

    Girl, I give you mucho credit for waiting in line like you were told and putting up with that BS and then keeping your cool while all this was going down. This New Yorker would have lost her marbles, and I probably would be a part owner of that store right now! That is absolutely ridiculous! How they could hire a manager with such a surly attitude and KEEP her on staff is beyond me! Glad you spoke up in defense o the cashier, she deserves a raise for sure!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Trust me it was all I could do to stand there. My Hubby was loosing it on the other end of the phone and telling me to tell them off but I was trying my best to simply do as I was told (I didn't want any MPs escorting me home…LOL). That manager was my last straw though…I haven't been back since everything happened but I certainly hope when I return she isn't there.

  • Sonya K

    That was awful, I feel bad for the cashier. They have a really bad store policy, making customers wait for so long. I had my own WWYD moment at Olive Garden a couple of months ago. A blind couple came it to eat and they were seated near out table and the server was very rude to them. First, he told the host not to seat them in his area and the lady asked the host "what did he say?". The host told her "nothing" trying to cover up the servers rudeness. The server continued making rude comments to the couple once they were seated. I didn't want to say anything while we were there because, I didn't want to make the couple feel uncomfortable. So I sent an e-mail on their website once I got home. A couple of weeks later I received a $40 gift card in the mail. I wasn't expecting anything, but I hope that the server was fired.

    • MrsTee Post author

      It's ridiculous how people in a 'service' area think they can speak to people. In this situation she was abusing we fellow employee. I'm glad you took action…and I hope they did too.

  • Abby

    OMG! I'm so glad you're looking out for that poor cashier… this sounds like a horrible experience and I would be so upset! I've been in similar situations before, and I am always a huge advocate for quality customer service and fair treatment of employees. I've made calls and shared my bad experiences with "higher ups" just like you did, in hopes that it will improve things in the future. Honestly though, I can't believe the way some people conduct themselves… sheesh!

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  • Kim

    I can't even believe that whole situation!!! The fact that they wouldn't just go ahead and check y'all out early is bad enough but for that "manager" to treat anyone with so much disrespect is beyond me. I don't understand why some people take a position of power and completely abuse it.

  • Bobbie Jo @ Down Sid

    WOW! I can't believe this! This obviously isnt the first time as they knew who you were talking about! Who does she think she is!? Is she invincible? Thanks for sticking up for the cashier. I was a cashier before I joined the Army and it's very hard at times. I'm sure she really appreciated it!

    Bobbie Jo

    • MrsTee Post author

      I couldn't believe it either. Yes! I thought the same thing when they said they knew who she was…I hope this was her last strike because it was totally UNcalled for and out of order!