Five Minute Friday: BROKEN

When one of my Kiddies brings a toy or some random item to me with the words “Momma this is broken” I take a look and quickly determine if I can fix it.  If my answer is no.  It is headed for the the trash.  No questions.  If ands or buts.  But my Hubby on the other hand.  He always has a plan.  And my Kiddies know it.  So honestly most times they avoid me with their broken items and head straight to the man with the plan.  Daddy.  He will look over the item and head straight to his tool box.  Out comes the screws, drills or whatever else he keeps in that thing and somehow someway the item ends up fixed and pieced back together.  But oh wait.  If it isn’t fixable it will just morph and become something new and entirely different.  They will stand there watching him work and then come running from the garage or whatever room became his operating table and say “Momma look what Daddy did!”  I am must say I am never surprised. Now if he can’t create something new trust, nothing goes to waste or to the trash like in my world.  He will salvage whatever pieces from the Broken item and collect them in his different tool boxes ‘just in case’ he needs them sometime in the future.

My husband is truly a jack of all trades.  We had a kitchen table that came back from Hawaii through Army moving broken and when I say broken I mean the wooden piece that held the table top and the legs together was split in pieces.  I thought I was going to be writing up a claim form and kissing that baby goodbye.  Hubby got in his truck made a trip to Lowe’s with the Kiddies came back with a piece of wood and a few bags of different shaped screws.  After sitting on the kitchen floor for a while and my hearing a bunch of different drilling and scraping sounds I heard him yell “Babe come look!”  I walked in and tada! My kitchen pub table was standing just as sturdy as ever and looking like new.  So when I hear BROKEN in my house my Hubby simply hears….CHALLENGE.

Isn’t it the same in our live and with God? He never sees us as simply BROKEN…there is always something he can make of us…


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