FREE YouTube Channel Art Template | Make Your Channel Stand Out

I remember the struggle I had with figuring out how to size my YouTube Channel Art. There were many long days and late nights trying to figure out how to make my art stand out, be unique to my Brand PLUS look right on more than just one platform!

FREE YouTube Channel Art Template | Make Your Channel Stand Out |
This YouTube Channel Art Template gives you the dimensions for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet allowing you to create the perfect Channel Art to represent you and your brand across many platforms. I mean we all know that most people watch YouTube on-the-go which means you want everything to look perfect for smartphones, tablets and of course desktops!

When we create cover art for YouTube (and honestly most Social Media Networks) they tend to appear one way on a desktop and a bit differently on a smartphone or tablet. Sometimes we loose part of our original image or because our original dimensions are off a bit the image can become blurred or even stretched out.


Using this template gives you the Pixel Dimensions to create your images to fit TV, Desktop Maximum, Desktop Minimum, Tablets and/or Smartphones.  This means you can create an image to fit either 1 of the above or all – you have the tools and the options.


For Example, if you use a collage you can be sure to place your text and logo within the Smartphone range which can be seen on all devices while placing your less priority content like images or the ‘fluff’ of the cover art in the outer areas where not being seen on each device is less important. 


YouTube Channel Art Template Dimensions {In Pixels}

TV Display – 2560 x 1440

Desktop Maximum Display – 2560 x 423

Desktop Minimum & Tablet Display – 1855 x 423

Smartphone & Text/Logo Safe Zone – 1546 x 423


FREE YouTube Channel Art Template | Make Your Channel Stand Out |
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Some may wonder what’s the big deal about YouTube Channel Art. Well let me say, there is nothing like heading over to someone’s Channel and seeing that Gray Header Box where their brand should be. It’s like going to someone’s house and they have lawn chairs as furniture. Your Channel is the ‘home’ for your videos it’s definitely worth adding a bit of Brand Decoration to the space!

There are also a few other easy and great ways to make sure you bring a bit of YOU into your YouTube Channel as well as ways to make your Video Thumbnails standout with a few of my Favorite YouTube Editing Apps.

Now go on! Get out there, start recording and start sharing! I can’t wait to watch!


Do You Have A YouTube Channel?

How have you ‘decorated’ it?



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