Friends Are There…The Thin Line Between Friends & Family #828Blessings

This week I had a lot going on including planning my son's 3rd Birthday party and attending the 6th Birthday party of a close friend. This is where my #828Blessings for this week begins. This thin line between friend and family that if you are lucky enough to cross can become relationships you treasure throughout your lifetime.

As a child and throughout my life I have never been one to make 'close' friends easily. I am very much an introvert and at times my shyness and reservations with making the first steps in a friendship often lead to lost opportunities for the same. I am also very slow to consider someone a true friend. I have been hurt and like most of us have wounds that I am careful to protect from further pain.

When I met my husband in my 20s I was envious of the group of people that surrounded him. They were more than friends. They were that select few that when you meet them you know they are family regardless of blood relation or even marriage. These people supported him even when family may not have and since our marriage have taken me in as more than a friend but a sister, aunt and true family member. Our children know them as Uncles, Aunts and Cousins.

As I sat back this week and watched us all together I realized how down through the years it has been this core group that has been there no matter what. Through struggles, disappointments, arguments, deployments and then some I could (we could) always count on them to be there.

In my life, I have very few people of my own past that I count the same way I count this collection of brothers and sisters. Yes, I have my blood family still to find those who love you beyond a bloodline is rare and for this I am grateful. For this is my #828Blessings story: the times when I may have thought my chances of finding an extended family were past it was this set who proved to me that blood is not all that is needed to prove that Friends Are There…



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