From Everyday Mom To MomsEveryday Panelist – How It Happened!

I’m a Mom. That’s my very first role in all things because it is my most important one. As a Mom, I am responsible for the care and development of several (okay a team) of tiny and not so tiny human beings. It’s something I do every day without question and willingly place everything else beneath it. Still a Mom has dreams. Right? So for me attending my first BlogHer Conference in July was one of the first steps to achieving those dreams I hold as a Blogger. Little did I know that being there would lead me to an opportunity to take the moments from my everyday mom life and share them as one of the amazing Moms Everyday Panelist On TV! That’s right TV! Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee while I share how it happened.

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So like I said it all started at BlogHer. I was there for the conference and in preparation had join a few Facebook Groups for attendees. In one of them it had been announced that there would be some roving interviewers for a show called Moms Everyday Moms After Midnight. I saw it and liked the post but really didn’t think to much of it.

Once I arrived in New York I was beyond excited – I Was There! This was a Conference that was on my Must Do List as a Blogger and I wanted to take it all in. So the first night I was RSVP’d to attend the Premier of Ant Man and meet Paul Rudd – awesome right? Well I connected with another Blogger who was also going and we decided to meet at the hotel bar to walk to the theater together. I got downstairs a bit too early – I was really excited – and ended up running into the Blogger who had posted about the interviews – Danielle from Martinis and Minivans. As she was explaining what the interview was going to be like the other Blogger I was supposed to be meeting showed up and we both decided to kill the extra time and take part in the Moms After Midnight fun.


To say this was a fun set of women and questions would seriously be doing it an injustice. If you’ve ever seen or heard women chatting about being a Mom once the Kiddies have gone to bed then this is exactly what you would expect. Fun, laughter and plenty of honesty. It was a blast! Seriously…Check it out for yourself 🙂

What’d I tell ya? It was like hanging out with a bunch of my Mommy Girlfriends with no holds bars and plenty of Mom Only.

After we finished the taping, the Producer asked me for a one-on-one interview. At the time I thought they were doing this with each of the Moms and agreed with no hesitation. We chatted a bit about who I am and that was it. I headed to my movie and really didn’t think much more about it all. It was a blast and something I would always remember but I didn’t think it would go much beyond that night.

Flash forward about a month and I open my email and see this from a Producer at Moms Everyday.

Hi Tiffany,
Our Moms Everyday TV crew interviewed you at BlogHer in NYC.  Hope you remember us in all that crazy action packed weekend! They remember you and thought you were great!
Anyway, we do a weekly show for moms by moms and a good portion of the show is panel discussion among 5 moms from all over the country and all different walks of life.  WE tape our shows every 3 months and bring in a different panel each taping. It’s time for our next taping and we are looking to fill the last spot on our panel.  See where this is going??
We are hoping you might be interested in joining us!?

Did I remember them? Yes. They thought I was great? Whoa!! Would I join them?!? Heck Yeah! When I read this email I was sitting in my Kiddies Karate class and I had to walk outside to read it a few more times. I mean was this for real. Yes folks, I even check the email address to be sure it was legit. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Further into the letter it gave the details about being flown out to Colorado for a weekend to do the taping and meet the other Panelists.

I felt like I was in some sort of dream. I couldn’t believe that one night of chatting with a few other Moms and sharing my craziest Mom Fail and Birth Control Preference I was being offered such an amazing opportunity!

So a month later there I was…sitting in an airport headed to Colorado Springs to tape 16+ Shows in one weekend for a Nationally Syndicated Weekly 30 minute TV Show. I had no idea what was ahead of me but I knew it was going to be awesome!

MomsEveryday Show

Once I arrived in Colorado we had a chance to meet and get to know each other that first day on the ride to our hotel as well as at dinner later that evening. Each one of us came from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds and unique perspectives on what it was to be a Mom. I knew immediately these were going to be memories I would never forget.

Here’s a bit of video from our time getting to know each other…

Over the next 2 days I learned, I laughed and I found inspiration in the lives and stories of these women. They were women of power, goals and strength and more importantly for me – they were all Moms.

Together we recorded over 16 shows for the upcoming December – March Season of Moms Everyday and I couldn’t be prouder to say I am a part of the Moms Everyday Panel History. I can’t wait to see what adventures my life has in store for me next because this Everyday Mom is definitely ready!

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Check out MomsEverday on your local stations – find them herehere and here !

Have a recent accomplishment you want to share – leave a little brag moment in the comments below – I’d love to hear and support the good that’s happening for you!

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