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“There’s An App For That!”  I’m that person who has an App for just about everything. From work, to home to play – I’m Queen of Apps. Finding an App to help make a task easier, more efficient and even a bit more fun is part of what I love about technology. Still I never considered I could take my desire to spread good in the world around me and pay it forward through an App yet that’s exactly what The Good Cards does!

The Pay It Forward Evolution

Have you ever seen that movie where the kid came up with the idea of how to take goodness and pay it forward? Or notice the growing movement where people make a difference in someone’s day through a random act of kindness? Taking in your neighbor’s trash bins, leaving flowers on a friend’s doorstep, paying for the person’s coffee behind you in line. These are small ways to make a big impact through kindness.

Like anything else in our lives, these simple acts now have the chance to go through an evolution of sorts. Making them into something with an even bigger potential for impact. How? Through technology. In today’s world, technology is a big part of who we are and how we live.  What if technology could also impact the way we spread good into the world – What if… there were an app for that?

The Good Cards

Thanks to The Good Cardsthere IS an app for that! The Good Cards is an amazing movement dedicated to creating a new and unique way to share good across the world in a way that brings technology, fun and people together in a way unlike any other.

I remember watching Mary Poppins as a kid, there was a scene where she convinced the kids that by making something into a game you make it easier to do. I call it: the spoonful of sugar theory. Well The Good Cards has taken that same theory and put it to work by taking good deeds and giving them the potential to move forward exponentially through a fun, creative and innovative App.


Pay It Forward - There's An App For That ! |


Everyone loves a great game and even more people love a great game app. The Good Cards takes being able to spread goodness and makes it a game that focuses on having fun through challenges and missions that allow you to make an impact of goodness you can follow and see grow card to card.

It’s In The Cards

It all starts with the cards. The Good Cards are biodegradable plastic cards the size of a standard credit card. Easy to carry and even easier to share. Get your Good Card a few ways: passed to you from someone else or you grab a deck for yourself at The Good and be the spark for your own cycle of good –  the reach is endless!

Once you have your cards that’s when the fun is ready to get started! Download The Good Card Mobile App through The Google Store  or iTunes. Scan the QR Code on your card and let the challenge begin. You will be assigned a challenge to help make the world better one act at a time. Once you accomplish that challenge (or create your own) you pass on the card.

Pay It Forward - There's An App For That ! |

This is where the pay it forward part of The Good Cards comes into play. Passing on your card helps to push that good forward one person to the next, block to block, city to city, state to state, country to country. You get to watch the power of your act move across the world through the app right in your own hands.


Mission Complete!

Now don’t forget I said this was kindness in game form. Like any great game The Good Cards gives you the chance to set, achieve and over-achieve through missions and a bit of friendly competition. Once you complete all 12 missions in a deck of The Good Cards you get the chance to be added to The Good Cards Hall of Fame!

I mean come on! Who wouldn’t get a thrill of excitement at the chance to write your name among the greats of The Good Cards movement? I know will – I can’t wait to get started and I guarantee I will complete my missions – all for the good of the game and the spread of goodness!

Game On

The Good Cards game is on and I Challenge YOU!  I challenge you to pay it forward in a way you never thought you could with fun and purpose. The impact of the acts of good being initiated with The Good Cards can be seen across 17 Countries through 1200 Cards to date!  Today’s the day for YOU to join in, take  #HappinessInYouHands and Get YOUR Game On with The Good Cards!



Pay It Forward - There's An App For That ! |

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