It’s a Great Day for a Sunshine Award!


I was Nominated by Becca over at for my 2nd Sunshine Award!  I was so excited to receive this nomination and even more excited to accept it by Vlog!

As Promised here is a snap shot of my Purse from today and what was hiding inside it…


Here are my 11 Blogger Nominees for the Sunshine Award.  I hope you all accept this award because I truly feel you deserve it for being the simply awesome Bloggers that you are.

1. A Woman The World Deserves
2. The Involuntary Housewife
3. Tenns at New Mama Diaries
4. Shannon at Mishmash Mama
5. Effie at EffieGirl
6. Tia at The Chic SAHM
7. Stephanie at Life As Mommy
8. Teems at Baby Teems
9. Lisa at The Squishable Baby
10. Natasha at Epic Mommy Adventures
11. Tiffany at Gladiator In Heels



Sunshine Award Rules:

♥Thank and recognize your Nominating Blogger
♥Give 11 random facts about yourself
♥Answer the 11 questions given by your Nominating Blogger
♥Pick 11 Bloggers Nominees
♥Post 11 questions for your Nominees (you can not nominate your Nominating Blogger)


My 11 Nominee Questions:

  1. What time of day do you prefer to Blog?
  2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn out of the house?
  3. How often do you cook during the week?
  4. What’s your favorite Fast Food or eat out place?
  5. Where would your dream vacation destination be?
  6. Do you prefer baked or mashed potatoes?
  7. What is your dream car (if you had no Kiddies to worry about toting…lol)?
  8. What was your favorite extracurricular activity as a teenager?
  9. What was your first job?
  10. Most embarrassing moment?
  11. Team Tea or Coffee crew?

I also decided to take another hint from Becca and design my own Sunshine Award button. The background is a picture I took from our days living in Hawaii.  I hope you enjoyed my Vlog and decide to accept your nomination.


Maybe you’ll decide to Vlog your answers too?  Whatever you decide, please be sure to let me know.  I can’t wait to see (or hear) your answers and see my pretty new button on your sidebar 😀

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