Guess Who’s Nominated for a Liebster Award?

That’s right Lil O’ Me… MrsTee has been nominated for a Liebster Award by my lovely friend Megan from ThePatchworkPaisley for a Liebster Award! This is such a Blessing!  I can’t believe it!  No really… I almost can’t believe it!  Wanna know why?  I was just saying to myself last night how I thought they were a really cool award (and badge…come on admit it you like pretty badges too) but I didn’t fully understand exactly what it was or how the nomination and/or achievement process worked.  Whelp, now I do!  So do you wanna know..?

What is a Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is an award given to Bloggers BY Bloggers who believe a person is on the move with their Blog yet still have less than 200 followers. How cool is that?  To be recognized by your peers for doing something you both love to do!
Now, where did the name Liebster come from?  The meaning of the word: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn’t that sweet? I feel all these words describe my nominator, Megan.  Thank you again.
To be a Blogger is definitely about building and supporting the community of Bloggers around you and what better way to show your support than letting other Bloggers know how great you think their work is?  Then simply by following the rules listed below you accept your nomination and can proudly post your award/badge to your site.  Pretty easy, right?


1. You must link back to the person that nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominator.
3. You must pick 11 bloggers, each with under 200 subscribers, to be nominated for the award.
4. You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.



My 11 Questions from Megan:

1. If there was a movie made based on your life, who would play you and why?
  • I would love Love LOVE for Tamera Mowery to play me.  I have always been told that we have similarities in appearance and when my hair was long I actually posted a picture of her for Doppelganger Day and No One noticed for like the entire day!  It was so funny!  So my why would be because I think she looks like me, we’re the same age and I honestly act a bit like her 🙂


2. What was the last thing you Googled?
  • Haha!  What is a Liebster?  LMBO!


3. What is one of your guilty pleasures?
  • Any type of sweet but most recently these ice cream filled chocolate cupcakes I discovered on my birthday!  YumYummy!!!


4. What is something you know now that you wish you knew “then?”
  • I don’t need to please everyone, I just need to please God and be happy.


5. What do you consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments?
  • My marriage to my Hubby and raising my Kiddies to be kind, loving, sweet and respectful children.


6. What is one thing not many people know about you?
  • I’m an undercover video game addict.  Shhh!  I absolute LOVE any type of fighting or story mode type game.  INJUSTICE Gods Among Us is my latest obsession.


7. If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your life, would you? What would it be?
  • I would have wanted to finish my Bachelor’s Degree.  I only have 3 months left but I had to stop because my pregnancy with my daughter was High Risk and I couldn’t attend classes…then life happened and I haven’t gone back yet.


8. What is your favorite Disney movie?
  • Oh My? Just one?  If forced to pick only one I would have to say Mary Poppins… I actually have Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as my ringtone… LOL


9. What is something you’ve never done, but would like to try?
  • I would really like to learn how to drive my Hubby’s motorcycle.  It’s a sports bike so it can be a bit intimidating but it’s on my list of things I’d like to do.  I have ridden with him before though.

Hubby's Bike & Me

10. Where is your favorite pace to be?
  • In my Hubby’s arms and with my Kiddies.


11. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written?


And The Nominees Are…

Hearts on Guard – Vanessa

Learn To Embrace The Struggle – Alison

Chasing Cloud 9 – Stacey

Enjoying This Life – Patty

Homemaking With Style – Brittnei

Mama Dweeb – Annie

Always Allison – Allison

Mama Whimsy – Karlie

This Sweet Life Of Mine – Tara

Our Ordinary Life – Kristin

Toot Sweet 4 Two – Carole & Tiffany


Your Questions:

  1. What motivates you to write?
  2. What was your first car?
  3. How many hours do you devote to your blog on a daily basis?
  4. What was your first job?
  5. What is your favorite type of TV Show? Comedy, Drama, Reality, etc?
  6. Where do you go for inspiration when you hit a writing wall?
  7. If I pressed play on your iPod/iPhone or music player what song would play?
  8. Are you part of the Coffee Crew or Team Tea?
  9. Which do you prefer…Twitter or Facebook?
  10. How often to you ‘Pin’?
  11. What was the last dessert/sweet you had?

It’s Your Turn!

Once you have claimed your own Liebster it’s your turn to share the love.  I selected all of you based on your number of followers (remember it is supposed to be less than 200) as I saw them on BlogLovin (that’s the only way I knew to try to get an accurate count).  If anyone has more than 200 Congrats and I apologize for getting it wrong….I also selected you because I follow all of your Blogs myself so I know that your content and styles are excellent.  Congrats and now it’s your turn to share the support and the Liebster….



**Don’t forget to link back to me in your post and leave a comment here

with a link to your post so I can see your answers…(I can’t wait)

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