How To Have Your Very Own BUILT® [Custom Burgers] Experience


We’ve all made  burgers before. My question is: have your ever BUILT® a burger? I know, I know. What’s the difference between made and Built? Right? Well let me tell you!
A BUILT® Burger starts with the foundation, moves to the layers and ends with a taste that will prove there is a difference between build and made and it all begins with 1, 2, 3 . . .

BUILT® [By Me]

BUILT® [Custom Burgers] gives customers all they need to build their very own customer burger from start to finish.
1, 2, 3 is how you start your order. Bun, meat, cheese. Pick the ones you want and your that much closer to a burger that expresses who you are with every bite. I must confess: I normally stay in the safety zone when it comes to my burgers. Cheese, mustard, ketchup and maybe a bit of relish if I’m feeling fancy. I honestly wasn’t sure how great a burger I would end up with building it myself but I was excited to find out!
Thankfully I had the guidance of partner/owner Hiren Trivedi through the entire process. Although built custom burgers does offer a BUILT® [For You] way to start where their burger experts give you the foundation and you add (or subtract) the rest.
Hiren suggested I go all in and make my burger a complete built experience.  It was seriously as easy as 1, 2, 3! Brioche bun, Angus beef and cheddar cheese. Oh but don’t think my burger stopped there. Thanks to BUILT® [Custom Burgers] amazing Unlimited Toppings at one great cost ($7.40 1/4 lb. single/ $9.49 1/2 lb. double) I had my start plus all the freedom I needed to step outside the bun . . .

Step Outside The Bun

BUILT® [Custom Burgers] offers a full bar of options. From sauces to toppings you can pick it all. To keep with my outside the bun goal I went with honey mustard for my sauce. I know still a mustard but not my normal pick by any means. From there I went with lettuce, carrots, tortilla chip shreds and of course I topped it all of with bacon!
My burger had a few things I would have never added to the mix before but hey – this was no ordinary burger. This was  a BUILT® Burger.

The Messier The Better

The BUILT® [ Custom Burgers ] folks make you feel at home by bringing your order right to your table. I soon realized the built experience didn’t end at the toppings bar.



Hiren explained there was a method to opening a BUILT® [Custom Burgers]. You can see that in my video but let’s just say BUILT® [Custom Burgers] designed their wrapping to not only encourage but help customers build the messiest burger they want with no worry to the mess it may make.

No Side Stepping

Now like any burger place built offers fries as a side but these sides are ones that need not be ignored. I was so focused on stepping outside the bun with my order that I didn’t even realize that fries were an option in my custom experience.  Thankfully I had Hiren there to help me. He noticed my plain fries and insisted I give their sides a bit more of a BUILT® taste by adding their custom sauces into the mix. BUILT® offers fries, tator tots or sweet potatoes fries all with the option to customize them with any of their amazing sauces.
Hiren gave me the chance to try the BUILT® sauce, Chipotle Aioli and Sweet Sriracha. I was a bit nervous and had the Hubby try the siracha first. After his mouth filled knows of approval I took a bite for myself. They were amazing! Whether you’re a sweet tooth or a spicy risk taker built has the sauce for you and them. As of today my fave is the BUILT® sauce but hey – that could change with my next bite!

Shake Things Up

The built custom burger menu doesn’t end with the burger and fries. I was able to indulge my sweet side a bit with the custom fruit infused goodness of a built strawberry shake. Let’s just say their are no images available because that cup was done as soon as they handed it to me.
With classic flavors like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla built give the perfect sweet ending to your BUILT® [Custom Burgers] experience.

As Unique As You

The BUILT® [Custom Burgers] motto is to help you make your burger as unique as you. That means you can get what you want how you want it.


Don’t see it at the bar? Just ask! That’s right! Owners Hiren Trivedi and Ravi Patel want their customers to know that this menu isn’t made for you but by you. If you want teriyaki ask and they’ll go out of their way to have it there the next time. Want to mix things up and enjoy fries and tat or tots? Just ask! Not sure if your in a strawberry or vanilla mood today? Go half and half and get the best of both!
BUILT® [Custom Burgers] even knows what their Vegan customer need and want. From wrapped buns to be sure there’s no cross contamination to a separate grill BUILT® takes every step to be sure your taste is custom to your Vegan lifestyle whether by choice or by need. That’s what makes a BUILT® [Custom Burgers] experience – it’s all about YOU!

Location, Location, Location

Now that I’ve shared the HOW to behind BUILT® [Custom Burgers] I couldn’t close out without sharing the where.
You can search here to find the BUILT® [Custom Burgers] nearest you or if you’re in the NC area be sure to stop by the Alston Shopping Center in Cary, NC or within the Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC and tell Hiren and Ravi “TheMrsTee sent me!”



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