I Met Carla Hall Ya’ll ! | #BlogHer17 Day 2

I Met Carla Hall Ya’ll! Like seriously it wasn’t just a quick selfie – she actually talked to me – like  full conversation with thoughts and exchanges and such! I found out I look like her niece and we share an obsession with glasses! It’s like we’re BFFs . . .

I Met Carla Hall Ya'll | TheMrsTee

I knew Carla Hall was set to be at BlogHer this year I just hadn’t been certain when and where. After Arlene told me that she was going to be signing her cookbook at the Best Buy Booth in the Expo Hall I knew I wanted to be there. Still it was later in the day so I decided to head up to my room to try and get a few things done for the blog and channel. As I was walking towards the elevators I saw her hair. Carla Hall’s hair is aaaah-may-zing! I WISH I could wear mine like that

She was talking to another Blogger friend of mine Taya and I couldn’t believe how chill she looked. I went into total Fan Girl Stalker Mode and kinda just stood there (perhaps a bit too closely) as they took a photo together. I then introduced myself as the fan who tweeted her last week saying I couldn’t wait to see her at #BlogHer17.



People! She remembered!! She said oh yeah – the glasses!! Lawd I was so done. That’s when we started chatting about our mutual love or all things frames and glasses. She said she is venturing into new colors and I told her how I’m trying to jump outside my shape comfort zone and try circle frames and such. Let’s just say my day was completely made at this point.


Twinsies!!! I found a fellow Glasses/Frame Collector in @CarlaPHall . . . ? #NerdGirlGlasses #Glasses #BlogHer17 #BlogHer #BlogConference #BlogConferences #HiltonStory #Orlando #Florida #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #NCBlogger #LifestyleBlogger #TheMrsTee

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I got a picture with her and floated off to my room to try and remember why I was headed up there in the first place. Later in the day Arlene told me it was time to get in line for the cookbook signing because it was first come first serve. Standing in line I was all nervous because I didn’t want Carla (yeah first name level ya’ll) to think I was getting photo greedy since we already took a picture earlier.

Once she arrived, and I was next up I decided to get a horizontal shot this time – you know to switch things up! I walked over to her and . . . SHE TOTALLY REMEMBERED ME!!! Needless to say I had to suppress my fan girl and not look crazy. I smiled and she looks down at me – I’m really short compared to her – and tells me how I look just like her niece!

I Met Carla Hall Ya'll | TheMrsTee

After chatting through a few pictures we finally managed to actually smile for the real one and get through the moment. Now I’m sure you guys know that Day 2 of BlogHer was not just about my meeting Carla Hall. I did way more than that and you can check it all out in the video below BUT it was definitely the highlight of my day.


I may have been in fan girl mode just a teensy bit . . . ? #CarlaPHall #BlogHer17 #BlogHer #BlogConference #BlogConferences #HiltonStory #Orlando #Florida #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #NCBlogger #LifestyleBlogger #TheMrsTee

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PS – I sent my husband a text of my pictures with Carla and the first thing he asked was “are you guys related??” Man I Wish!!



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